According to a press release from Dunn County, the county will be doing sealing operations on several roads from July 10-21.  

DUNN COUNTY SEALCOAT OPERATIONS The Dunn County Highway Department is scheduled to perform sealcoat applications on various roadways starting July 10 – July 21. The roadways will be open to traffic during the application process with flagging operations & pilot vehicles being utilized for traffic control.A sealcoat application is a heated emulsion oil applied to the surface of the existing roadway and immediately covered with loose aggregate “chips”. Traffic is allowed to drive on the loose chips immediately after the application is completed. Loose chips are to be expected during the initial curing process for the first 24-48 hours. After the application has cured, the remaining loose chips will be swept off of the roadway. While the roadway is covered in loose chips, traffic is asked to please reduce their speed to limit transfer of materials, as well as improve control of individual’s vehicles.Scheduled roadways for sealcoating: COUNTY ROADS• CTH F (STH 25 – STH 170)• CTH J (380th St. – STH 79)• CTH C (STH 25 – CTH J)• CTH H (CTH E – STH 85)• CTH BB (CTH B – Colfax Village Limits)• CTH M (Chippewa Co. Line – STH 40)STATE ROADS• STH 85 (CTH O East – Pepin Co. Line)TOWN ROADS• 70th Ave. (CTH Z – Boat Landing) Eau Galle• 1010th Ave. (CTH F – STH 170) Hay River• 510th St. (970th Ave. – Wheeler Village Limits) Hay River• 450th St./1050th Ave. (CTH N – 490th St.) Hay River• 329th Ave. (CTH C – Town Line) Spring Brook• 331st Ave. (1010th St. – Termini) Spring Brook• 390th Ave. (990th St. – Termini) Spring Brook• 410th Ave. (970th St. – 408th Ave.) Spring Brook• 410th Ave. (408th Ave. – County Line) Spring Brook• 947th St. (CTH E – Termini) Spring Brook• 990th St. (370th Ave. – 390th Ave.) Spring Brook• 990th St. (390th Ave. – 408th Ave.) Spring Brook• 1000th Ave. (370th Ave. – Town Line) Spring Brook• 410th St. (CTH BB – 700th Ave.) Menomonie• 470th Ave. (510th St. – Red Cedar Town Line) Menomonie• 470th Ave. (CTH K – Weston Town Line) Menomonie• 513th St. (CTH BB – Termini) Menomonie• 250th St. (USH 12 – 300’ N. of 670th Ave.) Lucas We appreciate everyone’s patience during the sealcoat process and understand the inconvenience this may cause. We recommend allowing yourself extra time when traveling and to remind drivers to follow the traffic control guidance from the Dunn County Highway Department to make work zones safer for everyone. For any questions or concerns please contact the Dunn County Highway Department 715-232-2181. Thank you!

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