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You Gotta Respect a Teacher that's Packing Heat

Okay - so it appears that at least one of our state legislators (Frank Lassee, R- Bellevue) thinks that the answer to the recent school violence is to . Why not the students, too? I&;d like to see someone try to mess with a school full of kids with gats.

Why is it that to some people the only answer to the guns and violence issue is more guns? Will that really make us all feel safer about our kids in school?

I suppose the only really big surprise here is that it wasn&;t Dave Zien sponsoring the bill, and then saying that Pat Kreitlow is soft on school violence because Kreitlow isn&;t calling for school guns.  Or that the bill doesn&;t make carrying a gun mandatory.


October 4, 2006 - 3:21pm