Yesterday's warmed-over news today

Some news, like fine wine, gets better with age -- at least at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The top on today's Metro section, with a big headline: Trohas gave $50,000 for inaugural

That report should have had a familiar ring to the two reporters who wrote it, Steve Walters and Stacy Forster. Why? Because the same reporters contributed to a about the inaugural plans way backĀ on Dec. 14 that said:

Troha and his wife, Natalie, plan to give $50,000 to help underwrite the governor's inaugural...

The Trohas' donation to the inaugural also was widely reported three weeks ago, when Dennis Troha was indicted on charges he laundered some campaign contributions through family members and lied to the FBI about it. That case is pending.

But sometimes the paper just can't get too much of a good thing, especially when it's on a crusade against the gov.


March 28, 2007 - 9:36am