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Yes, I'm Back

My Blogging Holiday lasted a little longer than I&;d planned. Somehow even though I was delighted with (most of) the outcome of the election, I found that the period before the election had knocked the stuffing out of me as far as having anything to say.  Also I&;d decided I&;d better start paying a little more attention to my business, and having things like - um - walls in all the rooms in my house would be good.  So - I&;ve been leading a more normal life for the last few weeks.

I&;m back.  Things will start to pick up at Uppity WIsconsin again. I&;m happy as a clam that the Democrats did so well in the election, and I&;m hoping to God that they&;ll all live up to our expectations.  Having people like Russ Feingold with a lot more clout has got to be a good thing.  Let&;s just hope that come January things really start to shake in Washington and around the rest of the country, rather than there just being a whole new form of gridlock.  No matter how you look at it, 2007 is likely to be an interesting year.



December 1, 2006 - 4:23pm