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Wisconsin Says Wrong Direction

Wisconsin is saying we&;re heading in the wrong direction, and they&;re not talking about Brett Favre [&;we&;ll always have Green Bay&;].

A record-low seventeen percent of Wisconsin voters think the country is going in the right direction, conducted by the , a right-leaning public policy think tank.

And yet, everyone will note, Obama leads McCain by only 44% to 38% among likely voters in the same poll.

So what? For one thing, the polls are generating much angst among those terrified that McSame will win in November.

But as a writer at scoffs, &;We&;re Doooooooooooooooomed!&;

The point is well-taken

Does anyone know when in the last 48 years (arguably the modern era) has a non-incumbent presidential nominee of any party ever been ahead by, say, eight points in early August polling?

I can&;t recall any time, maybe going back to Ike in &;52? If anyone has any data, please post it.

This can&;t close-the-deal crap pushed by Will, Novak (hope his health improves), and others is bullshit.

The corporate talking heads are pushing the &;horserace&; for their corporate masters to sell air time; and the race, such as it is, sees McCain way out of his league. But the corporate broadcast media will not say that.

As write:

... virtually all of the evidence that we have reviewed--historical patterns, structural features of this election cycle, and national and state polls conducted over the last several months--point to a comfortable Obama/Democratic party victory in November. Trumpeting this race as a toss-up, almost certain to produce another nail-biter finish, distorts the evidence and does a disservice to readers and viewers who rely upon such punditry.


August 7, 2008 - 6:50am