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Wisconsin nuke shut down again

Darn, just when the nuclear industry is busy reassuring us that nukes are the wave of the future, one of the state&;s three reactors is shut down -- again -- for safety reasons.

"I wouldn&;t classify it as an emergency situation," spokesman Mark Kanz said of the problem, "but it is something we did need to get taken care of right away."

That tends to be the case when you&;re dealing with highly radioactive uranium. You don&;t want to put it off.

Here&;s the from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which had to be notified because of "a condition that significantly degrades plant safety."

You won&;t hear this from the pro-nukers trying to change the state law that has prevented any new reactors from being built here, but this shutdown is simply one more in of problems and shutdowns that have plagued both Kewanuee and Point Beach. Point Beach, in fact, has had two of the four highest safety warnings ever issued by the NRC.

There are better, cheaper and safer ways to combat global warming than nuclear power.


April 17, 2009 - 4:09pm