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Wisconsin Millworkers Ought to Pay Back McCain

Paper mills dumping their employees has taken a toll on the lives of the type of people who are casual political voters and will make Wisconsin a landslide win for Obama.

From the Wisconsin Rapids area to Wausau to Green Bay-Appleton, 1,000s of millworkers are seeing how valued their labor and their lives are in 21st century America capitalism and world trade.

Jerks like McCain owning 13 cars and nine houses don&;t get it as he offers the option of buying health insurance fired workers cannot afford, and then slashing their unemployment benefits, while blasting the notion that Americans buy products produced by American labor. I don&;t think McCain has any idea the destruction that losing one&;s job can cause, which is why I feel that Ohio and Pennsylvania will join Wisconsin in telling McCain and the Republicans to go to hell.
Walter Shapiro has an article in reporting from Green Bay:

"If Obama wins Wisconsin -- and I believe he will win -- it will be largely because of the fight that the millworkers are waging and the attention it gives to unfair trade laws," says Democratic state Rep. Tom Nelson from Kaukauna.  ... Sometimes in politics, the obvious can be more telling than the subtle. For all the glib talk about how Sarah Palin has energized the conservative base, it is hard to find evidence that the Republicans have papered over their enthusiasm gap here in Paper Valley, a moniker designating the dominant local industry in the Green Bay-Appleton area. ...

Something major seems to be stirring when the Obama campaign can put a battalion on the streets of Brown County and the McCain forces have to counter with a ragtag platoon of high-school students.


October 6, 2008 - 4:46am