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Unemployment Benefits Relaxed by Governor Evers

Governor Evers

Today Governor Evers which waives the 4-week enforced search for jobs before becoming eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

WEDC Announces Targeted Grants for Small Businesses for the emergency


The WEDC Board of Directors on Tuesday approved $5 million in funding for the program, which will be known as Small Business 20/20 (SB20/20).

Special Elections Commission Conference Call on COVID-19 and Elections

The Wisconsin Elections Commission had a special conference call today about the challenges of holding the upcoming election during the period of COVID-19 shutdown. Much of this revolved around the challenges of where polling places could be located. Many polling places are in care facilities for the aged, libraries and schools. It will be difficult to hold elections without violating the Governor's order on reducing contact between people.

Senate Approves COVID-19 Aid Bill

Sen. Mitch McConnell

The Senate has approved a massive financial bill to relieve the huge losses from the COVID-19 crisis. The stock market  The bill had passed the House previously, and is being sent to President Trump for enactment.

Governor Announces New Restrictions on Daycare Centers

Governor Evers

Governor Tony Evers today released Emergency Order , which restricts the size of daycare centers due to concerns over the COVID19 virus. The order restricts daycare centers from having more than 10 staff and 50 children present at any time. The order also calls for maintaining a 6 foot distance between people so far as that is practical.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Wisconsin reach 106


Today's updated COVID-19 infection numbers show a total of 106 confirmed cases in the state. This number keeps increasing, partly due to the spread of the illness and partly due to increased testing. In any case, it is clear that the virus is spreading in the state and that the current severe measures to stop the spread are needed. 

Mayo Announces Drive-Through Testing in Eau Claire


announces that drive-through testing is now available at Mayo in Eau Claire. To use the service you must be a Mayo Clinic patient and have been pre-approved through screening to have a test. 

Today's White House Update 3/18/2020

WATCH LIVE SOON: President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold news conference

Live from the White House


FEMA has been activated under the Stafford Act. The country is now at level 1 and a command center has been set up.

The Red Cross Ships Mercy and Comfort are being set up on both coasts.

The President once again complains about the discomfort of the nasal swab test. Really? 

A Quick Note Before I Fall Asleep

It's Always Something

I know for a lot of us the days seem incredibly long at the moment. We're all a little worried, we're all a little stressed, and the landscape of life has become unfamiliar. As of today we have no restaurants and bars (other than carry-out). Many of the touchstones of our lives are closed or closing. Personally it's hard for me to accept that the libraries and schools are closed for the duration.

Menomonie Library Closed Until Further Notice

Menomonie Library

The Menomonie Public Library has announced that they are closed until further notice. In a post on the library website they announced the closure after a Library Board meeting at 6 PM today.

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