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So -- this is currently the time line for things as I see it:

1.  Fix up the Wisconsin Channel page on the web site to show the videos that have been uploaded so that there is a web presence as well as a Roku presence.

2. Do a little more work on things so that I can get this bandwidth off of my own server cluster.  It's not terrible since the video files are cached on the Cloudflare CDN, so at least they don't have to get downloaded constantly through my pipes - but still I would like to get these out into Amazon instead where the bandwidth costs are more reasonable. This is sort of in an odd state at the moment where the thumbnails for the videos are stored in Amazon, but the videos themselves are not. One of the bad side effects of this is the 100 megabyte upload limit which is imposed by the videos being uploaded through Cloudflare.  So -- why is this, I hear you cry?  I'm trying to mash together a bunch of different components in Drupal to make this fly at all.  Some of them don't play together nicely.  At the moment the main problem is that if I stuff the videos up into Amazon S3, the somewhat clunky code that reads the file and decides what metadata to assign to it can't read the file due to the way this was implemented. So -- it cannot put the duration of the video into the info attached to the video file.  So Roku rejects the video.  I don't have a lot of time to work on that for the next few days -- have some paying projects to attend to, but I hope that'll get settled in the next 2 weeks.  There's a certain amount of ugly patching involved. 

3.  Try to get the feed to Roku to use a real Roku json feed rather than the somewhat clunky MRSS document I send them now.  You'll note on the page to upload a video it asks you for things like Genre, etc. that don't really appear on the channel.  These are part of the "new" system for uploading videos, and it doesn't get used in the MRSS format file.  I need to figure out how to craft a working JSON file for this -- yet another little skill to acquire. This will also let us put in AUDIO as well as video, and expand the types of Video formats we can use.

4.  Get the monetization straightened out with Roku --- having some of the normal sending back and forth of W9 forms, etc.  Need to do this before we can get pre-roll ads on the videos. --- these are going to have to produce at least SOME revenue or I will go broke on this project.

5.  Some cleanup of the roku channel's looks - I did some of that yesterday.  Expect the app to look different day to day while I tinker with this.

6.  Release the hounds and get the app listed in the channel store for Roku.  I am hoping to get to by early April. Possibly before the upcoming community media conference. 

So -- for those of you who have been asking -- you SHOULD be able to install the app on your Roku player (such as it is) by going to  --- you'll then need to log into your Roku account.  It may take up to 24 hours for the channel to appear on your Roku box.  You can force the channel load by going to Settings->System->system update on your Roku.  It also seems to work to just reset your box. 

If you want to get in touch with me PLEASE either just send an email to or just do a reply to this email as the email instructs -- that way they'll also go into the discussino forum at 

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