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December 26, 2016

We are now set up so that you can contribute to the growth and development of Wis.community. Y, and pay with Paypal, check, or with a credit card. Money from memberships will be used to help defray the cost of the site - and we're also working on some new benefits that you will get with a membership. Business and Nonprofit memberships will be bundled eventually with a number of new features on the site that  people can use to better promote their business or nonprofit. 

There is a very inexpensive $10/year membership for individuals.  We're going to be providing some extra benefits for those of you who are signed up as individuals as well, and you'll know that your $10 will help to fund further growth of this site.  The first benefit is that members will not see most ads on the site - This feature is rolling out slowly at the moment and should be set by the first of the year.

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