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The perils of a one-man enterprise

July 18, 2019 - 12:21pm

Miranda "Bear with .." from S01 E01

As has probably been apparent, posting and maintenance at Wis.Commuity has been more than a little slow lately. It's one of the problems with having what is essentially a one-man operation (not for lack of trying to spread the work through the community). The gist of it is that if I for one reason or another cannot work every day, things suffer. 

Those of you who know me are probably aware that my wife has a terminal illness. The last two weeks have been a continual parade of medical care and crisis, and I've been working most of the time providing support to my wife. This will (I hope) continue for some time and will make getting lots of news out to the site difficult. Bear with me.

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Steve Hanson
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