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Oops again

February 2, 2021 - 11:44am
Dropped ice cream cone

Well, it's been a week of surprises. I've been trying to shape up some of the behavior of the web site in preparation for doing a complete site upgrade and tuning the server performance. In the process, I managed to forget that I'd left the server in an odd mode while I was debugging something, and the upshot is that this morning it completely ran itself out of memory. The technical term in the system administration for this is "Httpd faw down go boom". Since I was in the process of re-shuffling what I am now thinking of as Studio 2A - that is, my upstairs office, I didn't notice my phone furiously trying to page me that the site was down. 

Anyway, everything is back up and running and with the once-again-stable web server, I'd like to invite you all to come and watch our first all-virtual candidate forum as I try to sprout a third hand to manage the live broadcast better. While candidates around the city come in, along with the folks from the League of Women Voters, I shall attempt to juggle people, timers, and questions. It will be available in multiple places,

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Steve Hanson
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