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Music - let's try this

March 21, 2020 - 12:29pm

I know we're all feeling a little on-edge. On a personal note I have been running as fast as I can for the past week and still feel incredibly behind. There are so many things to do, and life refuses to slow down. And as things stand now I am more and more just hunkering down in the house and trying to do everything from here. I have the disturbing feeling that the smattering of life video from meetings yesterday will be the last outside reporting gig for a while.

So this morning I woke up, spent 15 minutes trying to find where my glasses had gone, and ate some fairly lousy machine-made croissants for breakfast. Bad as they were, they made me imagine I was eating real made-by-a-person croissants in a courtyard in New Orleans while drinking chicory coffee. This made music drift through my brain and I suddenly realized music was completely missing from my life lately. It may be missing from yours as well.

I'm trying to spend some time over the weekend doing some planning and infrastructure work. I have plans.You'll hear about them over the next week or two. But first thing this morning I decided we all need some music, so I stuffed a Spotify widget into the site. At the moment it's pretty crude and just crammed into the top of every page. I'll try to change up the playlists from time to time. Expect it to get less crude and to probably move around the page through the next week. But enjoy a little music on us. And Spotify.

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Steve Hanson
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