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Moving forward - Partnerships

November 18, 2016

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The site is slowly becoming more fleshed out, with additional functionality. Some of the exciting things happening:

  • I am starting work on building a Roku channel called The Wisconsin Channel. The idea behind this is to provide a place to watch Wisconsin-related video that tells the story of the great things happening in the state, and news stories in a non-traditional form. We will be working hard with community media partners to provide content for the channel. This is not likely to go live till some time in 2017, but the groundwork for it is being laid.
  • We are starting to do more work reaching out to the community.  We had a very successful small community meeting in Menomonie last month, and intend to have more, starting out in the Chippewa Valley. We hope soon to work out a gathering with nonprofit groups in the area. Watch this space.
  • Which brings up the idea of more formal partnerships.  I am currently working on some ideas for partnerships which may include media partners, nonprofit partners, politicial partners, business partners, and more. We're currently talking to a few nonprofit groups about leveraging Wis.Community as part of their outreach plans.  There will be a survey some time in the next few weeks to try to determine better ways of working out partnerships.

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