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Help Us Keep Local News Alive - 2 - Become A Paid Member


Producing news costs money. Newspapers around the country are struggling to find ways to fund news-gathering operations and production costs. Our production costs are fairly low, but there still is a need to pay people to do the work, to pay web hosting costs, development costs, and more. 

You can help us to keep local news alive by becoming a paid member. We have choices for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. You can become a member by making an annual contribution to WisCommunity. It's easy and you can pay on-line or sign up and send in a check. . You have a choice if paying by credit card of paying for just one year or doing an automatic renewal. We hope to have monthly options available soon as well (though at a higher price than paying yearly). 

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Wisconsin COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Data through 3/26 from New York Times, after from Wisconsin DHS


November 30, 2019
Menomonie, WI

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