Everybody talks about the weather - but we're doing something about it


We just dropped in some weather widgets on the site - you'll see one on the right hand side of the front page. These are IP-enabled weather widgets, so they will show you the weather in whatever location the internet gods decide you are in when looking at the site.  If the gods are wrong, just tell it where you want it to look.  If you click on the little Willy Weather logo on the bottom you'll be taken to a full-page weather forecast with radar, etc. 

We've also installed a warning system on the site that will for the time being put out weather warnings for severe conditions in the Eau Claire area. This will appear throughout the site.  However - please don't consider us your primary weather warning system.  We're not completely sure how well this will work in practice (we've done some testing on it, but we're relying on a third party for weather information, and as we all know sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't). 

In any case, it's just another piece of info we think you might find helpful. 

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August 9, 2017

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