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Wis.community is a central space for discussions and information about things going on in Wisconsin. Think of it as a collection of mini web sites for different topics and regions of the state. It is a place where you can create an account and talk about topics that matter to you, see news about issues and topics, and keep track of what is going on. We are particularly working on a calendar that imports events from other calendars around the state, and keeps you informed of events. 

We are at the moment just getting started, and are looking for ideas on how the site could better serve your needs. Most of the current work is going on in the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin, since that is where the people currently working on the site live.  We are looking for people who would like to set up their own community on the site, and who would like to be responsible for that topic or area. If you are interested in learning more, please browse through the site, and create an account (click on the Join link at the top of the page).  At the  moment we could really use more people participating - it's free, and we're working on making it easier to use. Join us.

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