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Welcome to Wiscommunity

This is the official Wiscommunity blog. It will tell you about what is happening with Wiscommunity, improvements to the site, and more info about how you can participate.

The site is currently in a soft-launch state. We're working through some of the technical issues on the site, deciding on the initial structure for things, and a few of the things that Wiscommunity will do when it's first up.

We now have a few initial users, who are working on setting up a few different use cases and micro-site types.

The biggest technical changes recently have to do with caching and improving the performance of the site.  As of a few minutes ago the site is being cached by a Varnish reverse proxy server, and is also behind a Cloudflare server. This will all help to make the behavior of the site a little faster, and will also make the site a little more robust.  Gist of it is that files and images, etc. will now be cached out at the edge of the Internet, and will be served directly from Cloudflare's servers. This helps to speed the site up, particularly from outside of WIsconsin.

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