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Upcoming Stuff

A number of things going on, both technical and community-based. This morning I moved the search index for the site from the database and into Apache Solr.  This will lower the load on the poor database since it will not need to index all of the search items, and it will allow for faster, much more powerful search in the long run. This is all good stuff.

Also am in the midst of planning some community meetings to help to determine a plan for Wis.community, and what it will do.  The first of these will be with the steering committee for the Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op - hoping to get them on board for using this at least as an internal communications platform (and they are one of the initial trial communities).  Hope soon to have a more general community meeting in Menomonie.

Working on better mechanisms for workflow and document management.

I'm making a number of tweaks in the event management system, and also pursuing some partnerships with outside calendars.  More on that later.

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