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Some more developments on the site

The main thing to report at the moment is that I am still working on integrating CiviCRM into the site so that we can maintain databases of people and contacts.  This has been a little challenging and has rooted out a few things that are at least nominally bugs both in CIviCRM and in Open Atrium - the last two were a couple of battles over jquery versions in the two pieces of software and a CSS issue where the media module in Open Atrium was clobbering the popup menus in CiviCRM. This is all now more or less patched and the bugs have been reported. ,,,,,,

This will undoubtedly be a useful feature for some of the groups using the site, at least once I get some of the issues with permissions, etc. sorted out.

Small update --- CiviCRM is now running and being used to process donations and memberships.

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