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So --- What's Up?

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Net Neutrality: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

So many things going on, so little time to write about it.

First off, I want to thank the Save The Hills Association for giving us a grant to help develop the Environment section of the site. A little of that work has already happened - go look at and see some improved look and behavior.  Next up we will be working with various environmental organizations to train them and to help get them more involved in the site. Watch this space!

Also, I'm at the moment working on integrating the excellent API into the site - this will let us bring you information on your legislators, committees they are on, and bills that are flowing through the legislature. This will take a while, but I'm looking forward to using the excellent Drupal Feeds tools to import information into the site - almost in real time. I hope this will let us build a less-painful interface into the bills in the legislature than the current state-provided interface. Not going to happen tomorrow or this week, but I think you will start to see some of the data for this coming into the politics section later this summer.

Personally I am starting to pull together some training tools for Wis.Community, including some videos. In addition we'll be starting to set up some training sessions (both live and on the Intertubez) so you can learn to use the site more effectively.

Also I am working on building better coalitions with other media sources, and starting to write a series on Internet Tools for Activisim.  It seems I get news about a new one almost every week, and am starting to sift through all of this stuff and am trying to figure out the best use cases for each, and where they will fit in on the site.

Lastly -- tomorrow is Battle for the Net day. Net Neutrality and the existence of sites like these are in peril. You'll see info about this and a chance to weigh in on this site and on Uppity Wisconsin tomorrow. But for now - let John Oliver explain it to you -

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