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Lots going on

I'm currently in the process of lining  up a few provisional users for the site, and working on a number of configuration issues. A site this big and complex always seems to have a bunch of things to address, and items that can get broken along the way. Apparently I've somehow managed to break the outgoing email for some things on the site by messing around with the text filters - this too shall pass.

New things that now work more or less:

  • email in discussions - still needs some repairs, and the format of some of the outgoing links in the email is currently broken, but at least I now have a handle on the main issues.
  • Some new space types - news, and resource types to let you post news articles and to allow for building farms of resource links. These will both be handy.
  • Got a few new icons in place for the new section types.
  • Worked quite a lot on site performance, and am beginning to see the light. 
  • Site will be down for a little while real soon now to try to get some security places shoe-horned in. Still waiting for the patches to actually come in.
  • I will be heading off to New Orleans on Saturday to go to Drupalcon 2016.  I will undoubtedly learn a lot there that will be helpful for development of this site.

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