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Coming Up!

I came back from the LION Publishers conference full of enthusiasm for this project and moving forward. Let's hope that the reality of life and paying for this does not knock all the enthusiasm out of me.

You'll note yet another revision of the front page.  Expect that to keep on changing, despite the fact that most of us in "the industry" have real reservations about how useful front pages are at this point.

I've recently merged most of the Uppity Wisconsin site which I used to manage to be part of Wis.Community.  That's more or less finished, though part of the site still lives on the old server and part of it gets re-directed here.  I'm not quite sure whether or how to kill off the rest of the UppityWis site. 

There will be a Wis.Community table at the upcoming Citizen Summit in Eau Claire, and I hope to see all of you there. We'll be giving out some cool prizes to people who sign up for our mailing list, including a Kindle Fire 7 tablet, and a really neat package of items from the "Act 10" era of Wisconsin politics.

I have some other ideas in mind, including some film showings and more. Come to the Citizen Summit and we'll talk this over.

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