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Changes Afoot!

We're making some changes.

For some time now comments have been completely open on the site and you have not had to create an account and log in to comment. That had seemed to work fairly well until this weekend, when we were overwhelmed with spam comments and a few fairly rude political comments.  None of them appeared because they went into the moderation queue, but still, wading through 500 comments was not in my plans for this morning. Fortunately this was easy because they all needed to be deleted and it was easy to tell that.

However - as of now you must log in to the site to post comments. Creating an account is easy.  Just do it. And then you can comment to your heart's content.

One other change - we have started a daily newsletter so you can keep up with the latest news and information without having to come to the site every day. At the moment it is fairly bare-bones, but will get a lot more clever and sophisticated soon. If you would like to recieve it, just sign up on the form at the f.


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