Will Sheriff Clarke's flip-flop on concealed weapons put Milwaukeeans in danger?

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who said a concealed weapons law would "jeapordize ths safety of my deputies and the citizens they represent," today said people of Milwaukee should be able to carry concealed handguns.

Clarke's complete reversal came, as his pronouncements frequently do, in a hysterical to rabid rightwing radio talker Charlie Sykes, a major Clarke sycophant and publicist.

At the end of a long rant against Gov. Jim Doyle, Mayor Tom Barrett, and Milwaukee aldermen, Clarke says:

If the police are no longer able to guarantee the personal safety of citizens, then reconsider your opposition to allowing law-abiding people the means with which to protect themselves. Yes, Governor, that means carrying concealed handguns.

Here's a Journal Sentinel story from Nov. 4, 2003:

Clarke calls for veto of concealed weapons bill

Sheriff tells Doyle in letter that change would put deputies in danger

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. on Monday called on Gov. Jim Doyle to veto a bill that would make it easier for Wisconsin residents to carry concealed weapons.

In a letter to Doyle, Clarke says the change called for in the bill would jeopardize the "safety of my deputies and the citizens they represent" and says "there are better ways to fight crime than to flood the streets of Milwaukee with dangerous weapons."

Today, Clarke says the best way to fight crime is to flood the streets of Milwaukee with dangerous weapons.

Clarke said last fall, as a candidate for reelection, that concealed carry was for a large urban area.

Today's spectacular flip-flop should be enough to end the speculation that Clarke is running for mayor. Milwaukeeans overwhelmingly oppose allowing people to carry concealed weapons, every poll on the issue has shown.

Clarke had it right the first time. Putting more guns on the streets will not make Milwaukee safer. It will make it more dangerous.


September 6, 2007 - 10:41am