White House to Killed Vet’s Family: Not Your Business

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A NFL player volunteers for the Army Rangers, gets killed, and then the Bush administration lies to the family about his service.

Sometimes you, and that means democrats, have to do something just because it’s right.

That means disregarding the perceived political repercussions and disregarding the estimated efficacy.

Has there ever been a president so arrogant, so imperial-minded that he will thumb his nose at the that he vowed to protect?

The impeachment offenses . Impeach the idiot now, and forget the political consequences. Now is not the time to play politics.

The latest outrage is the refusal to give Congress documents about the death of former , (pictured above) about a friendly-fire death to the outrage of Tillman’s family.



July 16, 2007 - 8:01am