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What if they had an election and nobody ran?


The City of Milwaukee spring primary has been canceled for lack of interest.

Not lack of interest by the voters (well, maybe the voters, too), but by the candidates.

The City Election Commission has officially called off the Feb.  16 primary because there are no primaries.

In fact, there are no races at all, even for the April 6 general election.

There are no municipal elections in the city this year.  There are eight Milwaukee County circuit court judgeships to be filled, but there's only a primary if more than two candidates file.

In fact, none of the eight incumbents even has a challenger. Here's the list. Congratulations on your reelections, your honors.

That saves some money, to be sure.  But doesn't it make you think that, given the tiny turnout even when there are spring elections, that maybe we'd be better off to have them all in the fall?


January 12, 2010 - 6:15pm