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What about Iran?

"Iran is in the eye of the storm," he says, noting that regional neighbor Pakistan and arch-foe Israel both have nuclear weapons, though neither are signatories like Iran of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. "It is the duty of every government to equip itself to defend itself. Any state in Iran&;s position should go after the latest military technology."

Since the NIE report, US officials have raised the bar for Iran&;s compliance, insisting that Tehran acknowledge that it once had a nuclear weapons program. The new US intelligence described in the IAEA report includes designs for a 400-meter shaft for remotely testing explosives from six miles away, which "would be relevant" to weapons research."   excert from article by

These are the very same tactics used by the US and Britian to eventually invade Iraq.  They constantly demanded more.  When orginal requests were satisfied, they implied, lied and demanded more compliance.  Basically, there wasn&;t a way for Iraq to comply since at each juncture the US and Britian would "raise the bar".

"The new measure would also ban all trade and supply of so-called dual-use items, materials and technologies that can have both civilian and military uses.

It also expands the list of Iranian officials and companies subject to sanctions." 

Remember "dual-use items" are just about ANY item which could however remotely and only with the most vivid of imaginations be considered usable to defend yourself.  Like baby food, syringes, vaccines, and FOOD.  They are using the EXACT same lies and tactics to invade Iran as they did Iraq.  How many more hundreds of thousands of people will die before we stop it.  Iran as a signatory to the NPT has every right to nuclear capabilities..

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February 25, 2008 - 10:08am