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Sending this out in advance of the steering committee meeting - I'll hand them out at the meeting as well.

Wis.community – the Community Bridge

Wis.community is several things:

  • A collection of “mini-sites” or communities based on topic or location

  • Discussion areas in each community that can be carried on either on the site or via email or text messaging (soon)

  • A community chat room

  • Event calendars for each community, and an aggregated calendar of all of the communities

  • Spaces for news and resources in each community

  • Incorporation of media (audio, video, webinars) throughout the site

  • Templates for different types of communities, including organizations, small businesses, performance groups, government agencies (think of townships), political groups, nonprofits, and others to come.

  • Resources – these can be many things – links to other places, local businesses, etc.

Communities may be public, private, or some mix of both. The site has a sophisticated permissions system and access can be controlled in several ways.

Current communities include Politics, Chippewa Valley, Food, Government, and Technology. More are coming

How can I help?

There will be upcoming community meetings in the Chippewa Valley to discuss ways to use and expand this platform. You can help by:

  1. Visiting , looking around, and leaving feedback for us.

  2. Attending one of the upcoming community meetings

  3. Giving us ideas for new ways to use this platform

  4. Volunteering to run a community on the site

contact: or visit

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