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So I just would like to crank up a little out-of-meeting discussion re: web site, email, etc. -- my last question re: what should go in our web site got pretty much no reaction, so I'm going to try to be more inflammatory this time :-)

Actually I will try to be nice. I had a brief discussion with Kevin after the meeting last night partly because I used to do some NationBuilder consulting and I'm not at ALL convinced that it is the right tool for Citizen Action or the coops. On the other hand moving is a major investment of time and effort, to some extent due to the fact that like most of the software as a service products for activisim, the companies have a large interest in making it hard for you to leave once you're in their system. But Kevin IS actively looking for other solutions, so I have some question as to how much effort we should put into getting ourselves ready to use NationBuilder if in fact it's going to be replaced at some point.  Things are kind of in a state of flux and I'm not at all sure what the answer is.  For the nonce, I'm just going to more or less consider myself on hold for this sort of thing.  I'm thinking that the Mailchimp account is probably something we should jsut let sit for the time being since if we really got access to NationBuilder in a reasonable way this would become redundant.

I DO have one suggestion for the steering committee and the communications team though.  NationBuilder has a series of free on-line classes about their platform.  You could do worse than to sit through the introductory class.  The courses are up at http://nationbuilder.com/courses .

Though I have to say that last night's steering committee meeting didn't make me feel like there was a lot of improvement in direction for communications other than Kevin being more forthcoming about the current state of things and possible directions, and offering up the possiblity of a NationBuilder site for us. 

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