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I'm going to try to outline some of the things I think the Organizing Co-op could do with, since there are more possibilities than are obvious.

1. Discussion - The site can be a good hub for discussion. As it is we have no organized way of keeping track of who is on what team, who are appropriate people to send email to, etc. What I envision here is that we set up various teams on the site reflecting our organizational units, so you could  post a discussion to the private discussion section on the site and send it out to the appropriate team,, and they could from then on reply via email, and track the discussion thread on the site. This is really limited at the moment since the only members we really have on the site are the steering committee members - but if everyone had a login on the site, they could then be sent messages selectively and could carry on discussions. Likewise people could FOLLOW whatever discussions they wanted, even if they were not initally invited to the discussion.  In the long run we could also expand this to include text messaging, but that would require that we have at least a small revenu stream to pay for text blasts.

2. Calendaring -- I think having a central calendar of our meetings, events, etc.  would be really useful. Again, this could involve inviting the appropriate teams by putting them on the notification list. The system can also be set up to send a reminder to people to attend (probably 24 hours ahead of the meeting).  The events now have a place to optionally put in an agenda and minutes for the meeting, so this makes it easy to have a record of the meeting all in one place. 

3.  Contact Information - the site is by nature also a contact database - we can put in whatever info would be useful for members including phone, etc. One of the advantages here is that this would mean that people can update their on info as it changes. I am also toying with the idea of putting in a full CRM system for contacts of various types - this could be used, for example, to build a database of press contacts, heads of other organizations, etc.  This won't happen tomorrow - I'm pretty swamped.

4, Public-Facing Web Site - I've started building a public area for us in addition to the private area we already have. At the moment it is pretty darn crude.  I think in the long run we probably ought to buy a domain name for the organization so that we have an easily-used way to get to the public page. This could also include some integration with a Facebook Page (when we have one) and other stuff on the web, like Twitter and other social media. I think I want to give some thought to what the relationship between the public and private sections really is before I do much more with this.  It's a little complex.

5. Document Retention - we could build document repositories so we have  a central place to stuff things. 

6. Tasks - the site has a simple task tracker - this is a good way to assign projects to members/teams and to let them report where they are on them and keep track of progress in a central place.

7. I think there are a lot of possibilities for the future.  I would like to increase the functionality of this as a platform, but will need input from others on what would be useful. Let me know.

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