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I am heading up to a Rural Voter Strategy meeting with Farmer's Union on Monday.  It's more or less invitation only but if someone in the group who was not invited is interested in going let me know and I'm pretty sure that would be okay.  

Making our issues and positions part of the campaign discussion,  and letting our neighbors know where the candidates really stand Friends, Over the past few weeks we have been asking Farmers Union Members and friends to set aside some of their time to join in a focused discussion about how we can influence the discussion in this year's elections.  Farmers Union has chosen not to endorse candidates, but that doesn't mean that we can't have an important impact. There is a clear need for to voters hear why our key positions are important, to identify which candidate positions are on the right side, and show why some are not.  We will be having several meetings like this around the state, along with a toolkit for individual members to use. Time is short to have a impact this year. To move quickly, we are inviting a few folks in our region to join in a focused strategy and planning session on Monday, September 12 to share our best thinking on what activities are the most important and the most practical to focus on. We are also building our understanding and skills to be even more effective in the future. We will discuss the following, and more:
  • Our shared concerns about the election and it's impact on our farms and communities
  • The kinds of Rural Vote activities that WFU can organize and fund - thinking outside the box as needed
  • Which would be the most practical and effective activities to organize - how should we prioitize our limited time
  • What is the political landscape, and which campaigns does it make sense to focus on - and how, at any level
  • Develop a concrete and focused plan of action, and a shared commitment to work together for the next few months
Here are the logistics: (look at the attached flyer as well) NW Regional Rural Vote - Strategy and Planning Session Monday, September 12, 9am - 2pm  with lunch Stanton Town Hall 2245 County Rod T Deer Park, WI 54007 Lunch & refreshments - Char Croes has offered to arrange for some of the main items, WFU will provide refreshments. If you have tome to bring a side dish, desert or snack that would be great. If not, we'll have plenty. Everyone has a busy schedule, and we've tried to find a time that works for as many as possible. I will try to phone as many folks as possible, and will be inviting others who are not on this list yet. If know someone who would be good to have at our table, whether they are a WFU member or someone you know shares our concers and values, please invite them. We will also be send additional information to those attending. Please find a few hours to join a thoughtful and lively discussion and planning session. RSVP to Tom Quinn at the contact numbers and email below would be appreciated. Also, I would be happy to answer questions or take suggestions. Or contact Deb Jakubek at , . Thanks, Tom