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Hi - There was a little folderol today as I was debugging some Wis.community items. Things should be back under control now and notifications out of the site now work properly again (I am pretty sure anyway).

This morning I accidentally sent out a post about Facebook groups from the development version of the site rather than the production version.  That will inevitably cause some confusion  - so see the post again down below so that you have something on the "real" site to respond to - please ignore the first message.

I sent out a link to a survey form quite a while back asking for feedback on the Wis.community site. I only received one reply to it.  I'd still appreciate it if folks could answer the brief survey at


As I would like to know from those of you who have used the site what you thought.

Lastly -- I've put in a PUBLIC space on Wis.community for the Organizing Co-op. That way if we ever have stuff we want to make publicly available we will have a place to put it besides Facebook. All o fthe current organizing coop stuff is private, so you need to be logged in and have permission for the coop section to work there.  Currently that only includes the Steering Committee. At some point we'll need to make the decision about whether to continue to work here, what the role is, and if we're going to open it up to the co-op members as a whole.

Okay, that's all from me at the moment. If you want to discuss this please feel free to reply, and to have the Communications Team piggyback onto this discussion re: the Facebook page or other items that were brought up on last night's phone call.

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