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Okay, so as might be obvious here I am having some serious issues with the site not always sending out emails when I try to push them.  I'm working on it.  Bear with me.

So, I think it's time that I chime in here with some ideas - embedded in here are a few goals:

  • Increasing the internal communications between organizing co-op members
  • Raising the visibility of the co-op within the state.
  • Figuring out more clearly what the relationship is between Citizen Action, The Western Wisconsin co-op, the Milwaukee Co-op, and the potential co-ops in the rest of the state.

SO - a few ideas - take them in that spirit - this is more or less a brain-dump of thoughts.

  1. We currently have almost no web presence - there's a Facebook Group that was recently made public, the Citizen Action Nationbuilder web site - and pretty much nothing else.
  2. We've started a half-hearted stab at using Wis.community to communicate between Steering Committee members - I think we should make a decision about whether we want to extend that to the rest of the Co-op, adopt something else, or make some other decision - but I think it's essential that we have some more structured means of communication within the group than email. Here we get calendaring, discussion groups, document retention, the possibility of integration of text messages, and - potentially- constituent management and other databases. I'm happy to work on that with the group, but we probably need  a better definition of what the needs are. We certainly could integrate in some of the ideas that have been suggested for Newsletters, etc., particularly if we had more of our members participating. I really am committed to making this a useful platform - I just had a really interesting discussion with the Farmers Union folks at their recent Summer convention - There's some really interesting possibilty of synergy RE: their work with Rural Voting.  More on that later.
  3. I would really like to see the group have a real public Facebook Page, for a number of reasons - Pages are quite a lot different than groups, provide better integration with the rest of the world, and are much more like what people tend to expect from an organization - let's start attracting Likes on Facebook and start working that social Media juju.
  4. Likewise, I think we should have presence in other social media - certainly Twitter, perhaps some of the others. This clearly is something that the Communications Team needs to wrestle with- I'll be glad to help out where I can. For sure I would like to see the Communications Team signed up here and organized as a Team within the site.
  5. We probably should consider having our own Western Wisconsin Organizing Co-op web site - that could certainly be a public space here on Wiscommunity, preferably with its own domain name.
  6. We're all busy - and (at least in theory) we cover a big geographic area.  That will become more true as we try to attract members from the counties that are under-represented. I think we need to explore the possiblity of communicating within teams/committees in ways that don't require us to all get in the same room. I say that as someone who is finding it increasingly hard to fit a lot MORE travel into my plans. A trip to Eau Claire or Chippewa for me is a 2-hour travel commitment on top of the meeting itself.
  7. There's been some suggestion that we think about doing some film presentations both as a means of spreading the word, and recruiting members. This is something that I have experience with. We could perhaps start out with a film or 2 that we can get licensing for for free - I'm currently sitting on two of those possibilities. 

Let me know what you think!

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