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I am making another stab at getting the Communications Team involved in Wis.Community, so I am starting up a discussion thread here.  You are now a member of the re-shuffled team.  Some of you may have received a message recently saying you were added to the site or to this team.

A little bit of update now that I am feeling a little less under the weather - my Lyme disease seems to be finally getting seriously knocked down by the antibiotics so I am actually working a little today.


I have set up a  Mailchimp account.  The current members of the Communications team (who are really members, which is a little bit fewer than will get this email) received a very rough template email out of Mailchimp a couple days back.  I'll be fixing up that template a little more as my health improves.  I would REALLY like a machine readable version of the experimental logo that got built for the western Wisconsin co-op.  I'm also setting up a place to save these assets so that we can have a common place to work from. 

I am going to be at first building two templates - one for "real" newsletters from the co-op, and another simpler template to be used for things like having Jeff send out notices to the co-op members (this obviously will require having an actual dump of who the members are to import them into Mailchimp).  The simple template will be set up to use the mail beamer feature in Mailchimp where Jeff or another trusted member will be able to email the entire membership by sending an email to a secret email address.

Web Site

It's time to think about building our own web site. There's only been really preliminary discussion about this. I would love to see us start up a discussion about what we want to accomplish with a web site. That will help to inform a path toward actually building a site and picking a platform.

Note that you can participate in this discussion by just putting your comments in at the top of the email and sending the email back out.  I'd love to see us actually exercise this function.


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