Good Afternoon,A quick reminder - at 8:00 tonight grab your favorite beverage, a snack, tune in to the debate coverage of your choice, and then go here:To join me and your fellow progressives for what is sure to be a fun and insightful live forum discussion about the debate.Even if you're at a viewing party, the site is mobile-friendly - so you can join in from anywhere!We're hoping to hear some inspiring, positive, progressive ideas tonight...will there be ideas we can use? Adapt? Are there ideas we can communicate in a more progressive way?And what is just laughable?Join me tonight - hope to see you there, and let me know if you have any questions,ScottPS - If you haven't, read this for some background: -- Scott WittkopfFrame for the Future(608)628-8535 "The supreme issue, involving all the others, is the encroachment of the powerful few upon the rights of the many."  Robert M. LaFollette

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