Well, here I am.

Well, here I am at McCormick place.  Haven't been in the hall here for quite a few years. At the moment I'm watching what amounts to the rushes for the new film Crashing the States - filmed during the 2006 election cycle.  Basically a film about the netroots movement and bloggers.  Those guys!


Things are a little confused here at the moment.  Some of the rooms that were supposed to be having events this morning still were locked when I went up there, so ---

Heck, it's just after 8 AM and I'm still waking up.  Usually these things are lubricated with copious amounts of coffee, which so far I have not located.

 Thus far the high point of the trip was seeing the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on the expressway while I was chugging along one car length at a time.  

Am still trying to recover from the effects of seeing the film of the bridge failure on 35W. I used to drive over that bridge all the time.

Film has ended - looks like it will probably be fun to see when it's finished.

More later. 


August 2, 2007 - 8:37am