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Walker trying to avoid an audit

Walker wants speedy review of buildings after garage collapse says the Daily Reporter headline.

That certainly paints the picture the way Scott Walker would like it. But if you read it carefully, you'll find what Walker really wants to do is to avoid or at least counter any negative findings from an audit:

“I’m not against an audit,” Walker said Tuesday. “If they want another check and balance, that’s fine. I just want to figure out the best way to make the case that our facilities are safe.

Got that? Walker accidentally told the truth. He's not looking for the best way to find our whether county facilities are safe; he's looking for "the best way to make the case that our facilities are safe."

The audit reportedly could take several months to complete. Walker's worst nightmare is that it would come out in October and conclude that his budget-cutting and delay in maintaining county facilities may have contributed to the fatal accident at O'Donnell Park.

Fortunately, the County Board and not Walker will decide about the audit, and should recognize the need for a thorough, independent investigation.

UPDATE: The county has to do an emergency inspection of county buildings on a no-bid contract for which no price was announced. Walker says the county isn't behind schedule on inspections, but this emergency inspection is for "peace of mind." (Walker's, presumably.)

If everything's being done on schedule, why an emergency inspection? To get a positive report out in advance of the audit, which is proceeding at the request of the County Board, perhaps.

Walker says he may have to cut some "non-essential" services to pay for the inspection. County workers, brace yourselves.


June 30, 2010 - 11:12am