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Walker: I took a job 'before I finished off my college degree'

I would be the last person to argue that you need a college degree to succeed in life, since I don't have one myself. Of course, I'm not running for gov, either, but that's not why.

I dropped out of school in my junior year, took a newspaper job, and never looked back. But, based on how Scott Walker tells his story, maybe I should rephrase that.

Tony Galli of WKOW-TV in Madison asked Walker, a Marquette dropout, whether his lack of a degree was a problem, and whether he planned to get one. Said Walker:

“No, and it’s not an obstacle.

In the end, people judge us based on our records.

Like so many people in this state, and like a lot of juniors and seniors in college right now, who are very scared about having a job, I was one of the fortunate ones who had a job opportunity going into my senior year, went to work full time for the American Red Cross before I finished off my college degree, and I think my record speaks for itself.”

Artfully put.

I guess my new explanation is that I took a newspaper job before I finished off my college degree.

Which, like Walker's, was never finished.


April 16, 2010 - 8:12pm