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Walker getting nervous about his Milwaukee base

Scott Walker has been relying on the Milwaukee media market, his home base, to carry him through the Republican primary for governor against Mark Neumann.

One recent poll (from the We Prefer Republican Ideas or WPRI  think tank) showed Neumann beating Walker outside of the Milwaukee area, but with Walker doing well enough there, a 50-point spread, to still win statewide.

But Neumann has been running television statewide, while Walker has ignored the Milwaukee market -- until now.

Starting Monday, his campaign has placed a 10-day buy for an estimated $60-65,000 in Milwaukee.

If Walker's spending money to bring his brown bag campaign to Milwaukee voters on TV in April, five months before the primary, it's a sure sign he's getting nervous about his base. 

People, and the media, seem to consider Walker the presumptive nominee.  He may be the favorite or front-runner, but this is far from over.  Don't count Neumann out.

And remember that the more Walker spends now, the less he has for the general election, if we survives the September primary. 



April 9, 2010 - 11:13am