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Walker fouls off a birth control softball

Scott Walker, trumpeting the meaningless number of signatures he collected on his nomination papers for governor, almost got asked some real questions by reporters who showed up.

Like, what about the endorsement from Pro-Life Wisconsin, the extremists who not only oppose all abortions but all birth control?

One asks not whether he agrees but whether he agrees with Democrats who say he's out of the mainstream, which lets Walker get away with saying he's always been pro-life -- a non-answer, but to a non-question.

The follow up: "Do you agree with that specific part of their platform?" Walker says he'd have to look at it, but he's been consistently pro-life.

One last question from another reporter: "Do you oppose condoms?" Walker: "Well, to me, that's not a position of the governent."

So Walker escapes the pack of pussycats once more. (Apologies for mixing metaphors.)


Hat tip: Pretty Important.


July 6, 2010 - 6:34pm