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Veterans Blasting Dave Obey

Suffice to say that many activist veterans are not too happy with

Though generally regarded as a progressive, the words I most often hear from folks across the political spectrum (from small business owners to anti-war activists) describing Obey are swearwords directed at Obey&;s personality and several parts of his anatomy.

From a veteran&;s e-mail emblematic of dismay of Obey&;s apparent shafting of our veterans on health care:

Obey is the Chairman of the Committee on Appropriations, One of his priorities is health care.

Obey has been a driving force behind doubling federal investments in medical research and in expanding access to affordable health care. He believes every American should be covered by affordable health insurance,that managed care patients need a Bill of Rights, and that Medicare should provide affordable prescription drug coverage for seniors.

And yet this individual has led the charge against mandatory funding for veterans health care.

With his history as chairman or senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, this individual has participated in some of the biggest back‐room deals in the history of Congressional spending where passing massive appropriations measures; not read by many of those asked to vote on them, has been made easier by the fact that they contained a little something for nearly everyone.

Veterans have watched as militants from both parties, when in power, have hijacked the spending bills and turned them into partisan war zones. The results have been that the bills cannot pass. As a result, our government is continually running on stopgap resolutions, and many late nights of angry debate are resolved through passage of bills loaded with special interest funding. Veterans are not some special interest item.

Congressman Obey may have relished his battles with Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George Bush. And for someone who has never served in uniform, some may argue he fought his battles well enough. However in taking on the veteran community he has targeted a much stronger group with a determination he has not yet fully encountered. It is time we and our allies in Congress go head to head with Congressman Obey and his allies in Congress. The veteran community has them surely out numbered and the only weapons we will need to use is the ballot. His lengthy stay in Congress and all the power he has acquired and uses as one individual does not serve the democratic principles defended by those who have protected this country. It appears that he is the problem. Ladies and gentlemen; let’s saddle up!
-Robert E. McNulty, Sr.


March 16, 2009 - 8:10am