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Morning Update

A few quick updates this morning before I leave my hotel room. 

There will be no school in Madison today - the schools have been closed due to the expected sick-out from MTI members.

Late last night the last of the people (reportedly about 100) were ejected from the hearing last night when the committee stopped listening to testimony (video below - thanks to channel 3 in Madison).  Follow David's YouTube channel for more video updates

There will be another rally at 11 at the capitol. Expect at least some live streaming from the rally, and pictures throughout the day.

For updates on Twitter either follow @cruiskeen on twitter, or for fuller coverage, follow #solidarityWI or #unionwi.

More video will be cropping up from time to time on the Uppity Youtube channel.

Video from Madison protests 2/15/2011

I arrived in Madison about 11:20 today.  The first thing I saw while coming in on East Washington was a very large group of students (about 3 blocks worth) from East High walking down the sidewalk and the side of the road, in a fired-up but well-behaved group.  They were being escorted by the police (the group was way too large to walk down the sidewalk, and was using the outside lane of the street as well).  The students arrived on the square at about the same time that we did.  There were thousands of people on the State St. Side of the capitol, and they kept coming in.  I've heard estimates of over 10,000 people,(I just heard another report of over 15,000) and it wouldn't surprise me if there were that many.  The crowd kept growing, and was filling the corner of the square and spilling down State St.

Madison Student Protest 2/14/2011

Thanks to WYOU in Madison and Brenda Konkel for this video:

AFL-CIO responds to Walker's Plans

The AFL-CIO will be running this ad in heavy rotation around the state starting Monday - here's a preview.  Do what you can.  Attend rallies, call your legislators, Talk to your friends.

Paul Ryan and The Packers

I don't have a lot to say about this, but the folks at Down With Tyranny do: including the fact that most of the radio stations are refusing to run this ad.

Groundhog Day, Lobbying Reform

A reminder from the Sunlight Foundation that where lobbying is concerned, Groundhog Day is Everyday.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam and eggs

Some of you have noticed that as of about 2 days ago the site has been rejecting most attempts to post comments, etc.  Also blocking any attempt to TELL US that we're blocking the comments. With some of the site hosting imrprovements we've made, our spam blocking software has gotten quite a lot over-zealous.  We're working on that and should have the immediate issue fixed, so you should be able to post comments, etc. again if you're not logged in to the site.  Sorry for the issue.

Condoleeza Rice reminisces

I've tagged this: "Obama" somewhat tongue-in-cheek but because to the best of my knowledge, the Obama administration is not, in my opinion different in principle from the George W. Bush adminstration, the views of which are ably embodied by Ms. Rice in this vid. This vid throws in the additional disturbing thought that Ms. Rice has not to my knowledge ever been formally investigated for her role in an unknown amount of wrong-doing on the part of the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Eau Claire High Speed Rail Route Meeting 12/1/2010

This is a short video of the press conference that preceded the High Speed Rail Routing informational meeting in Eau Claire last night.  Members of various organizations spoke in support of extending the high speed rail network through Wisconsin, as it has been being planned for the past 15 years. The meeting was very informational and explained what the process will be for determining the route the rail system will take through the state.  Approximately 220 people attended the meeting, showing a large support for high speed rail through the Chippewa Valley.

Schoolhouse Rock for our Republican Friends

Eugene Kane recently suggested that the GOP apparent confusion about how laws are actually made (and how they're not made) may be caused by their not having watched the right cartoons when they were young. In our never-ending attempt at education, we present this as a public service to governor-elect Walker, Ron Johnson, and the new incoming class of Republican legislators.

I'm Mad as Hell

One of my big complaints about my fellow citizens is how no one seems to be listening, watching or observing what is happening in this country. Now here's a guy who is 'informed' and got mad. :-)

Poor guy from the Town of Vermont, Wisconsin just couldn't handle it that Sara Palin's daughter, Bristol made it another night on dancing with the stars. See my related link below for the entire story. 

I hope those Tea Baggers vote her all the way up to the top. Love to see these reality shows go to shreds. Although I think we'd have better voter participation if we voted for our president on TV. Perhaps a cross between, "who wants to be..." and American Idol. Like, "Who wants to be an American Idol." -saw-

New Gov Elect Flip Flops on Rail

Scott Walker was a supporter of then Governor Tommy Thompson's rail initiative. This federal funding is going to be spent but it appears like it will likely happen in Florida, California or on the East Coast. Does this go in the "Jobs Lost" column? -saw-

Honoring the conscience of our veterans

From Rethink Afghanistan:

Today is the 10th Veterans Day since the Afghanistan War began.

The burden of this brutal, futile war falls heaviest on a very small slice of the population: military members and their families. Many of them think that this war is immoral, and that makes fighting in it a weight they'll have to carry their whole lives. This new video features the voices of some of these veterans, urging us to rethink the burden we're laying on troops.

Rethink Afghanistan is partnering with the Truth Commission on Conscience in War to help lift some of this burden. We're pushing to expand the rights of veterans who refuse to serve in specific wars on moral grounds. Right now you have to oppose all wars, ever, to be granted conscientious objector status. That's silly--you don't have to be a pacifist to think it's morally wrong to be fighting an endless war in Afghanistan.

Ron Johnson Goes on Upfront and Pulls a Bait & Switch AND Becomes First U.S. Senator to Ever Say "Pfffft" in an Interview!

I am shocked.  Shocked!

Ron Johnson went on Upfront with Mike Gousha yesterday and for the first time focused on tort reform, cap and trade, and tax cuts for the wealthy.  He also mentioned that a focus of his will be to kill card checks, which he never bothered to mention once during the campaign. 

But the best part is that right before he says, "I wish I could take a magic wand and completly wipe off the Obama agenda," he becomes the first U.S. Senator to ever say "pffffft."

Stay classy, San Diego.

Breaking: Ron Johnson Plagiarized Lloyd Christmas Speech!

I knew when I first heard Ron Johnson's brilliant "when you're in a hole, the first thing you've got to do is start digging" line, that it was wayyyyyy to brilliant to come from Ron Johnson.

Turns out, I'm right:  Lloyd Christmas was the first to make this insightful declaration in the movie Dumb and Dumber:

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