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Gov. Walker explains recalls to Dan Kapanke

As the Kapanke recall effort announces that they've collected enough signatures.

Before Judge Sumi's Ruling, She Reminded DOJ of Their Obligation to "Promote and Not Denigrate the Rule of Law"

At the motions hearing, yestedary, Judge Sumi gave the following warning to the Department of Justice attorneys. (Note: I say DOJ attorneys because people in the courtroom reported that she was looking at the DOJ attorneys while she was making the remarks.):

I want to remind attorneys, in particular, that they all have a responsability to promote and not denigrate the judicial branch and more importantly the rule of law. And I would ask attorneys be especially conscious of the Rules of Professional Responsability, the preamble-paragraph 6 and SCR 20:8.2

Here is the preamble, paragraph six of the :

The Wreck of the Errand Fitzgerald: Obeying Fitz's Illegal Order Leaves LRB Looking Foolish and Spineless

Yesterday's testimony by the Legislative Reference Bureau, was, in a word, embarassing.

Without fail, every staff member, in one way or another, was forced to admit that they were bullied to knowingly breaking the law by Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Humorously, after a morning meeting with Fitz where LRB Chief Steve Miller agreed to Fitz's demand that the bill be published, he later called Fitz and told him he wouldn't publish the bill until he got a written letter from Fitz ordering the move. Apparently, Miller was looking for cover for a public official to knowingly breaking the law with the ye olde "he told me to do it" defense. But, as the Distirct Attorney skillfully pointed out, the only person that has the legal authority to order the printing is the Secretary of State, not Majority Leader Fitzgerald or anyone else.

Walker: Recall is for Misconduct in Office... Not Applicable for Him

Gov. Scott Walker is now parroting the Republican talking point of intentionally confusing Wisconsin's voters by conflating Wisconsin's impeachment law with Wisconsin's recall law.

Here is what Gov. Walker said yesterday during a Wisconsin Eye interview:

I think the recall process, the statute out there, is really narrowly targeted for people whose situation of, uh, misconduct in office and things of that nature.

What Walker is talking about is impeachment and according to the Wisconsin Constitution, the Assembly has the power to impeach any civil officers, including state senators and the governor, for misconduct in office:

The assembly shall have the power of impeaching all civil officers of this state for corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanors;

Prosser and the pedophile priest

Last April, in a on One Wisconsin Now's blog, we asked the question:

Will the rising tide of scandal about pedophile priests, and the Catholic church's handling of them, splash up on,or perhaps even sink, State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser's re-election campaign next year?

Now we have the answer: It has indeed become an issue and the subject of a television commercial.

It's certainly fair game. You'll find all sorts of documentation and information at

Back Door Scotty

It seems that Scott Walker is unable to make the normal entrance to the places he goes these days. Today he chose to enter through the back door. Walker came to Minnesota Wire in Eau Claire, Wisconsin today. He was greeted there by over 150 people protesting his recent draconian budget cuts and union busting legislation. 

 It's hard to say what was so important for Walker to come for his 45 minute visit. It could be he wanted to get some press with some Owen-Withee students who also were at Minnesota Wire for a field trip. We'll see if the mainscream press plays into his visit strategy. 

Fiery farmer highlights worker-farmer coalition's shared values

What is this passionate farmer, Tony Schultz of Athens, WI, doing at a rally against Gov. Scott Walker's budget? He is fiery and eloquent as he talks of the shared values of farmers and unions and ties the struggle all together.

Watch him, and imagine him as a candidate on the stump. He's dynamite. Meanwhile, there's from the Capital Times, as Walker -- surprise! -- sides with realtors and developers over farmers and conservationists:

Farmland will be less expensive to develop and harder for farm families to permanently protect under a series of proposals in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget.

The governor’s plans to eliminate the farmland conversion fee and a farmland preservation program still in its infancy gut key components of the Working Lands Initiative.

Recall Sheila Harsdorf: The constituent project

Constituents of State Senator Sheila Harsdorf react to Republican State Senators passing a bill through an illegal committee. Among other things, the bill will strip Wisconsin's public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights.

Carol and I will be talking to Cassandra Green, the producer of The Constituent Project on our radio show Friday, 3/25/2011 at 10 AM on

IVAW Connects the Dots

The Iraq Veteran's Against the War (IVAW) hosted a rally last Saturday, March 19 on the 8th anniversary of the Iraq War. Todd E. Dennis, former nuclear machinist mate on an attack submarine and current Madison Chapter President for the IVAW was one of several responsible for organizing the event. The rally began at the library mall on the campus of UW-Madison. Songs and speeches were shared as people from all over the state assembled. The IVAW then lead a march of several thousand to the Capitol where several speeches were given by both veterans of several wars and union leaders of the state. Attached is a part from that day. Please take the time to view one of the most important speeches that connects the dots between our wars and workers rights. 

Kapanke Claims Power Plants Removed Because "We had expressed great concern about that since day one, that this wasn't right"

Despite and others saying that a provision in Gov. Scott Walker's "Budget Repair Bill" allowing Walker to sell state-owned power plants in a sketchy no-bid process was removed because it was clearly a fiscal issue and required the 3/5 quorum for approval, Sen. Dan Kapanke is now claiming that it was done because the GOP Senators stood up to Walker and shot it down.

Done laughing?

In a 3/14/11 school board meeting Holmen Wisconsin, where Kapanke was a guest of the board, he was grilled on the subject by school board member, (and rising star), Anita Jagodzinski:

Jagodzinski: Since when did the power plant part get taken out, and its changed? Who said that? When did that happen? Whose decision was that?

Kapanke: That was a decision actually by the state senate who said, "this isn't happening." That's why.

Jagodzinski: When was that?

Candidate Walker narrates Governor Walker

Take the words of candidate Scott Walker about taking back the government, superimpose them over the recent protests in Madison, and what do you get?  An entertaining and eerie few minutes.

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