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Candidate Walker narrates Governor Walker

Take the words of candidate Scott Walker about taking back the government, superimpose them over the recent protests in Madison, and what do you get?  An entertaining and eerie few minutes.

New spot says Prosser=Walker

A new Greater Wisconsin Committee television commercial questions Justice David Prosser’s ability to be impartial on the state's highest court and highlights Prosser’s links to Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-middle class agenda.

“We expect our Wisconsin Supreme Court justices to be independent, but whether Justice Prosser has demonstrated his ability to be impartial is questionable at best,” said Michelle McGrorty, executive director of Greater Wisconsin Committee. “In fact, his record and the signals he has sent suggest otherwise.”

Prosser voted with Walker 95% of the time when they served in the state legislature, both sharing a record of voting against the middle class, and as a justice, Prosser has voted for corporations over workers, the commercial says.

MIchelle Shocked at the Capitol

Thanks to Luciano M for this very nice video of Michelle Shocked's performanace last week.

New TV campaign puts pressure on five GOP senators to oppose Walker budget

Republican state senators were part of a “backroom maneuver” that “demolished collective bargaining,” and now are silent about Gov. Scott Walker’s devastating two-year budget which “continues the assault on the middle class,” a series of new television commercials says.

Walker wants to cut $900-million from schools, the deepest cut in state history; and slashing SeniorCare that 90,000 seniors need; devastating middle class families while cutting $100-million in taxes for the wealthy and big corporations, the commercials say.

And the five Republican senators spotlighted in the commercials are silent on Walker’s plans, the ads say, ending with an appeal to the senators, “Stop turning your back on middle class families.”

The commercials, running statewide, spotlight State Sens. Albert Darling, Sheila Harsdorf, Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper, and Robert Cowles. All voted for Walker’s budget repair bill that stripped public employee unions of nearly all of their collective bargaining rights, rushing to pass it with tactics that are being challenged in court as illegal.

The commercial, by the Greater Wisconsin Committee, an issue advocacy organization, began airing on Saturday, the group’s executive director, Michelle McGrorty said.

“The budget battle is far from over, ” McGrorty said. “The two-year budget Walker has proposed is not only devastating, but will affect every middle-class or lower income family in the state negatively. It piles one damaging cut on top of another. We hope some Republicans will come to their senses and see what damage this does to the people they are supposed to represent. ”

The commercials, aimed at specific senators in different media markets, direct people to a new website, www.stopwalkersbudget.com for more information on how to get involved.

This is what democracy looks like

This is a very short video, thanks to the AFL-CIO, of the crowd at this afternoon's rally in Madison. After signing the budget reform bill, Scott Walker said that everyone will start to calm down and accept it.  It doesn't look like it from here.

Don't Get Fooled Again!

In honor of today's soon-to-be-huge rally in Madison and rallies across the state, this short video from Jim Harrison way out in Oregon in support of all of you.

Abele rips Walker-Stone in new TV spot

Chris Abele's campaign for Milwaukee County executive takes it right to his opponent, Scott Walker clone Jeff Stone, for his ties to Walker and pledge to continue his agenda, in a new TV spot.  Stone voted again Thursday for Walker's union-busting budget review bill.

The choice on Apr. 5 should be pretty clear.  And this doesn't seem like a good time to be Scott Walker's guy.

What Scott Walker Says

Yesterday's quick stop in Eau Claire was the third time in as many weeks that he been here. One wonders why he keeps coming to Eau Claire. 

I spoke with Tom Kemp, Democratic Party Chairman for Eau Claire County. Here's what he had to say about the governor's frequent visits. 

Walker keeps coming to Eau Claire because he knows that as Eau Claire goes so goes Wisconsin. We are a battleground area in a battleground State. Eau Claire was also the FIRST city to pass a resolution against the budget repair bill and pass it 10-0. He is here because he knows that he needs to hold on to the (R's) in the area.

Old Tape of Scott Walker Talking About David Duke Reveals that Walker has Always Been a Nihilistic Fruitcake

In 1992, David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, was seeking to be put on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin. As this was an embarassment for the Republican party, they sought to block Duke from the ballot. Scott Walker was working for the Republican Party of Wisconsin at the time and appeared with Duke on Milwaukee Public Television's "Smith & Company" to discuss the matter.

So, seems like an easy gig, right? Go on the show, condemn Duke as an extremist, racist, nut job and say his views aren't representative of the Republican Party.

Instead, Walker went on the show and made a point of saying that he was condemning Duke for his past involement in the KKK and not for "issues" he was then bringing-up. In fact, Walker went out of way to say that issues Duke was talking were not extreme, saying:

The distinction we're making is not one of saying his issues are extreme, they certainly are not.

Governor Walker Jets Around Wisconsin - Again?

Governor Walker announced early today that once again he was taking the Wisconsin tour on his jet. He arrived in Eau Claire about 20 minutes late due to the snow around the state. This is at least the 3rd time since the gridlock in Madison that Walker has done this fancy jet tour. He was asked by one of the reporters why. See the video for his answer. 

About 50 people showed up at Heartland Aviation to greet the governor in protest. When the governor arrived you could hear their shouts inside the Heartland facility where about 12 members of the local press (including me) were waiting for his statement.

Scott Fitzgerald admits why they're killing the unions -- on Fox

Amazingly, after insisting over and over that it's all about balancing the budget --- apparently not so much.  Shockingly, it's all about defeating Democrats, not saving money for the taxpayers.

Media and the Wisconsin labor struggle

Moderator Bob McChesney joins John Nichols (The Nation), Frank Emspak (Workers Independent News), Molly Stentz (WORT-FM Community Radio), Matt Rothschild (The Progressive), and Lisa Graves (Center for Media and Democracy) in a discussion of how the newsmedia have reported on and influenced the American labor movement historically, and in the context of the recent Wisconsin Labor Struggle. Recorded Thursday, March 3, 2011 at Madison, Wisconsin's historic Orpheum Theater. Produced under the auspices of the Labor and Working Class Studies Project, an initiative linking labor, campus, and community.

Video of today's protest at the Stand for Walker rally

This is another video from today's protest at the Pro-Walker rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.  Thanks to Iconostar Productions in Eau Claire for the video.  I'm not going to make an attempt at the numbers game, but there were quite a few more protesters against the AFP bus than there were supporters.

Joe the Speaker? Petryk the Captive?


On March 5, Tea Bagger Celebrity, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher a.k. a Joe the Plumber came to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. You may remember Mr. Wurzelbacher from the 2008 presidential campaign. Wurelbacher rose to fame when he was put on national news with the question that he posed to Barack Obama during a campaign stop. Wurzelbacher said, "I'm getting ready to buy a company that makes 250 to 280 thousand dollars a year. Your new tax plan's going to tax me more, isn't it?" The McCain-Palin campaign almost immediately began using Wurzelbacher in their own campaign. He often appeared at Republican rallies and became the GOP symbol for middle-class Americans.

It appears Wurzelbacker is still a hero for the right as he is now a part of a bus tour that is going across Wisconsin called, "Stand Against Spending. Stand With Walker" sponsored by "Americans for Prosperity" (AFP). AFP is a group fronting special interests started by oil billionaire David Koch and Richard Fink ( a member of the board of Directors of Koch Industries).

AFP started this tour on Thursday, March 3 in Kenosha and is scheduled to end on Sunday, March 6 in Madison with 10 stops around the state. It appears as though "Joe the Plumber" must now be "Joe the Speaker".

Saturday's AFP rally in Eau Claire was held at the Holiday Inn on Craig Road. The "Stand With Walker" bus that AFP is using for this tour could only drop off it's sole passenger and had to move on as there was not a parking spot to be found. The lot was likely filled with cars of people who came to counter this planned rally.

Both sides of the street where the hotel entrance is, were lined with over 1000 people protesting Scott Walker's budget bill. Inside where the AFP rally was taking place, was a "standing room only" crowd of about 100 people.

If I can't dance, I don't want your revolution!

Commonly attributed to Emma Goldman - whether she said it or not, here's your opportunity to dance along - Cheddar Revolution by VO5.

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    Evers Demands Action on Wisconsin’s Drinking Water CrisisEvers Demands Action on Wisconsin’s Drinking Water Crisis
    Evers Demands Action on Wisconsin’s Drinking Water Crisis
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    Drinking Water Quality in Some Areas of Wisconsin Worse than Flint Michigan;
    Evers’ plan targets water clean-up and keeping Wisconsin kids safe

    MADISON – Democratic candidate for Governor Tony Evers today announced a new digital video highlighting Wisconsin’s growing drinking water crisis in addition to releasing a series of policies to keep Wisconsin’s kids safe.  Over the last eight years, Governor Scott Walker has failed to address rampant lead poisoning in our water while also ignoring runoff pollution from mega farms which are dangerously contaminating wells and drinking water across Wisconsin.  In addition to growing lead contamination through our water, lead paint continues to be the highest source of poisoning for our kids.

    Evers “Safe Water, Safe Kids” proposal:

    ·       Establish a comprehensive and permanent revolving loan program for lead pipe water service lines, lead-based internal plumbing and contaminated well replacements

    ·       Allow school districts and villages, cities, towns and counties to exceed levy limits to replace lead pipe water service lines

    ·       Create a thorough academic and behavioral intervention program for children with elevated blood lead levels

    ·       Allow individuals to claim the Historic Preservation Tax Credit for 25% of costs incurred to remove and replace windows in a historic property to remediate a lead hazard

    “From Watertown to Buffalo County to the City of Milwaukee – communities across Wisconsin are suffering from lead contaminated water worse than Flint, Michigan.  As educators, we see the real impacts on our kids in our schools.  Something more must be done,” said Evers. “There are hazardous levels of lead in the public water systems of one-third of Wisconsin’s counties.”

    “Whether it’s Scott Walker’s allies wanting to arm our teachers with guns, ignoring years of physical abuse and sexual assault at Lincoln Hills, or Wisconsin’s drinking water crisis – Scott Walker has failed to protect Wisconsin’s kids.  Period.  What world are we living in where it’s ok for our kids to get sick from drinking tap water?” Evers asked.

    “The dangerous effects of lead cannot be overstated.  While it’s not something you can actually see with your eyes, it’s there and it’s hurting Wisconsin’s kids,” said Dr. Beth Neary, a Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and a member of the Council on Environmental Health of the American Academy of Pediatrics. “There is no safe level of lead. Even at low levels of exposure, there can be permanent effects on the developing brains of children, resulting in developmental and behavioral problems such as lower IQ, difficulty paying attention, concentrating and emotional self-control.”

    In addition to lead...

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  • Steve Hanson


    MADISON – Yesterday, the State Senate passed Assembly Bill 836, authored by Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison), Representative Todd Novak (R- Dodgeville), Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) and Senator Mark Miller (D-Monona). AB 836 will update references in state statutes to reflect current population numbers and prevent numerous laws designed specifically for Milwaukee County from being applied to Dane County. In the next census, Dane County will surpass 500,000 residents and would, without this change, be subject to laws written for application only in Milwaukee County, where for almost a century it has been the only county with a population greater than 500,000.


    “I am glad to have worked on this bi-partisan bill to ensure that as Dane County grows, laws that were enacted specifically for Milwaukee County will not be arbitrarily applied to our county, as well,” said Rep. Subeck.


    AB 836 updates over 200 references from 500,000 to 750,000, to ensure that the status quo continues for the laws as they apply to Dane County while making no changes to what in current law applies to Milwaukee County. It makes no changes to current powers or duties of county and local government in Wisconsin.


    AB 836 has now passed both the State Assembly and State Senate and will now head to the Governor.