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New Gov Elect Flip Flops on Rail

Scott Walker was a supporter of then Governor Tommy Thompson's rail initiative. This federal funding is going to be spent but it appears like it will likely happen in Florida, California or on the East Coast. Does this go in the "Jobs Lost" column? -saw-

Honoring the conscience of our veterans

From Rethink Afghanistan:

Today is the 10th Veterans Day since the Afghanistan War began.

The burden of this brutal, futile war falls heaviest on a very small slice of the population: military members and their families. Many of them think that this war is immoral, and that makes fighting in it a weight they'll have to carry their whole lives. This new video features the voices of some of these veterans, urging us to rethink the burden we're laying on troops.

Rethink Afghanistan is partnering with the Truth Commission on Conscience in War to help lift some of this burden. We're pushing to expand the rights of veterans who refuse to serve in specific wars on moral grounds. Right now you have to oppose all wars, ever, to be granted conscientious objector status. That's silly--you don't have to be a pacifist to think it's morally wrong to be fighting an endless war in Afghanistan.

Ron Johnson Goes on Upfront and Pulls a Bait & Switch AND Becomes First U.S. Senator to Ever Say "Pfffft" in an Interview!

I am shocked.  Shocked!

Ron Johnson went on Upfront with Mike Gousha yesterday and for the first time focused on tort reform, cap and trade, and tax cuts for the wealthy.  He also mentioned that a focus of his will be to kill card checks, which he never bothered to mention once during the campaign. 

But the best part is that right before he says, "I wish I could take a magic wand and completly wipe off the Obama agenda," he becomes the first U.S. Senator to ever say "pffffft."

Stay classy, San Diego.

Breaking: Ron Johnson Plagiarized Lloyd Christmas Speech!

I knew when I first heard Ron Johnson's brilliant "when you're in a hole, the first thing you've got to do is start digging" line, that it was wayyyyyy to brilliant to come from Ron Johnson.

Turns out, I'm right:  Lloyd Christmas was the first to make this insightful declaration in the movie Dumb and Dumber:

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Today, October 19

  • Steve Hanson

    Nineteen states have called for a Constitutional amendment that would overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision. Representative Scott Allen won't even allow a public hearing on a resolution that would let Wisconsinites vote on this core issue of our timeWhile many politicians may like unlimited and often undisclosed campaign contributions, the rest of America is disgusted by it.

    Last week, Allen refused a request to have AJR 53 placed on the public hearing agenda, calling the advisory referendum, “politics at its worst”. Wisconsin law provides for advisory referendums. There was a statewide referendum in 2006 pertaining to the death penalty.

    "Politics at its worst"...really?? This is a cross-partisan issue. There are plenty of billionaires on both sides of the aisle. Both parties are raking in campaign cash. Money talks and the rest of us have no say.

    It’s outrageous that Chairman Allen won’t even allow this to be put on the agenda. This is the Constitution and Ethics Committee, after all. And Citizens United has torn a hole into our Constitution, drowning out our free speech rights as citizens, and ushering in all sorts of ethical problems.

    These resolutions (AJR 53 / SJR 54) were introduced by Representative Lisa Subeck (D-Madison) and Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay). Polls show a vast majority of Americans view our election system as corrupt. Special interest money has enormous political influence and everyday citizens feel they are getting no representation.

    “It is stunning that Republican Representative Scott Allen considers giving the average Wisconsinite the opportunity to have their say at the ballot box to be ‘politics at its worst,’” said Rep. Subeck. “Wisconsinites are fed up with the massive corporate and special interest spending Citizens United has ushered into our elections, and it is time to let them be heard.”

    Matt Rothschild, executive director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, summed it up succinctly: “People across the ideological spectrum get it: All of our voices are being drowned out by those with big money.”

    Please contact ...

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