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Shelly Moore and Dave Obey

This evening Dave Obey appeared at a fundraiser in Menomonie for Shelly Moore.  Shelly Moore is running in the recall election against Sheila Harsdorf in SD 10.  This is a short video I took at the fundraiser this everning.

Why it's bad to privatize government work

IBEW Local 24 member  offers up plain English, common sense arguments against privatizing government services, such as has happened excessively right here in Wisconsin state government. This issue is every bit as important as fighting back against Scott Walker's union busting -- because privatization and outsourcing amount to slow-motion union busting.

A Farmer and Charmer - Tony Schultz at Fighting Bob Fest North


On Saturday, May 21, over 600 people arrived at the Northern Wisconsin Fairgrounds in Chippewa Falls to spend a day listening to and sharing their progressive ideas at the first annual Fighting Bob Fest North event. Although there were several "headline" speakers such as: Former US Rep. Dave Obey (D), US Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Wisconsin State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D) and John Nichols of The Nation; one would hardly know it by reading or watching the local media. The , but none of the Eau Claire broadcast or newspaper organizations bothered.

Club for Growth ad targets Tommy T

Not a killer ad, but it's a shot over Tommy's bow.  Times have changed in the Republican Party, and if he decides to run for the Senate, it could be bloody.

Koch commercial: An instant classic

Sorry to say thatt this video has been made private -- We're looking into it.

'Ryan budget abandons pro-life values,' ad says

From CNN's Belief Blog:

The pro-life label isn’t just for abortion opponents anymore.


On Wednesday, 70 professors, priests and nuns at Catholic universities criticized House Speaker John Boehner for a legislative record on the poor that was, in their words “among the worst in Congress.” His “anti-life” budget, they wrote, ignores the “most ancient moral teachings” of the Catholic Church on the duty of the powerful to care for the powerless.


A similar scolding is now being meted out to Rep. Paul Ryan, who spearheaded that GOP budget.

Holperin Recall Opponent Calls Teachers, Police & Fire Fighters Mutinous Cowards, But Says Corps Are "Cornerstone of America"

Despite the fact that the original Tea Party was a protest against corporations, Jim Holperin's recall opponent, Tea Partier Kim Simac, made defense of corporations a central part of her prepared speech at a rally in Madison a few weeks ago:

...commonly called a corporation here in America and this fundamental cornerstone of America is what these protestors, their unions, and other people who do not understand how America became exceptional, work to destroy.

Then Simac blames the 60,000+ jobs that have left Wisconsin to go China, not on free trade, but on the fact that America has "red tape" like not paying workers a dollar a day, child labor laws, and a 40 hour week week: 

Let me put it this way:  As Washington bickers, procrastination delays facing the fact that while our generation has bankrupted this nation, other countries are thriving.  Ind

RoJoke Tells HHS Sec. Sebelius He Knows More Than She Does About Health Insurance

Yes, Kathleen Sebelius, you may have been the Kansas Health Commisioner and Governor and served as U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for the last two and a half years... BUT... have you ever bought private health insurance for 50 to 100 employees like Ron Johnson?!?  In fact, Johnson even knows about PPOs and HMOs:

Johnson:  You obviously understand health insurance pretty uh... deeply... have you ever purchased, though, a health care plan for a group of individuals other than the state... for 50 employees... 100 employees?

Sen. President Mike Ellis Says He Was Blind-Sided by Walker, Thought Bill Went Too Far

Yesterday we discussed how Recall Sen. Rob Cowles said he would have voting for the budget without collective bargaining included.  Now, comes information that State Senate President Mike Ellis, made similar comments in a heated interview on WHBY:

WHBY Interviewer:  I think I asked a pretty straight-forward question, Senator. Did you or did you not say that "this is not the way I would have done it?" 

Ellis: I would not have taken all of the collective bargaining items out.

Many are doubtful that the Republicans have the votes to pass the same union-busting bill that they passed in March.  The presumption is that they will pass a watered-down version in the budget bill that will help recall senators, while allowing Governor Walker to save face.


GOP Recall Sen. Rob Cowles Says "No Problem" on Just Voting for Cuts, Not Killing Collective Bargaining

In an overlooked interview on March 18, State Senator Rob Cowles told WHBY:

Could I have gone along, with what uhh... when they decided to do the 5-8 and the 12-6, I could have gone all with that, no problem, my goal was to capture the money.

The to the 5.8% and 12.6% reductions agreed to by the state employee unions.

RoJoke on Pakistan's Government Earlier This Year: "People of Real Courage, They Are Trying to Do The Right Thing"

Earlier this year, the most unqualified Senator in Wisconsin history, went on a field trip to Afganistan and Pakistan with several other Republican senators. 

During the trip, Johnson met with Pakistani General (and defacto leader) Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, who assured Johnson they are doing everything possible to find Bin Laden and fight Al Quada.

Johnson fell for it, hook, line and sinker, speaking glowingly of Kayani on the  Charlie Sykes' radio show and saying that the people running the show in Pakistan are, "People of real courage, they are trying to do the real thing."

The most suprising aspects of Johnson's comments is that they came after wikileaks had released documents last year showing that the U.S.

As Yet Another Company Chooses Illinois Over Wisconsin, Spurned Walker Lashes-Out at Illinois

Yesterday, Scott Walker that a company they he had hoped would locate in Wisconsin, Pastificio Rana, had instead decided to build a new plant in Illinois instead.

Pastifico Rana is a family-owned business from Italy and expects to hire 70 workers initially:

“Our pasta company is thrilled to be launching our U.S. operations in Illinois starting later this year,” said Gian Luca Rana CEO of Pastificio Rana. “We feel Illinois and the Chicago region provide us a great location to recruit employees, and to market our products and deliver them to our customers across the United States.”

Shelly Moore vs. Harsdorf

[img_assist|nid=48082|title=Shelly Moore|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=100|height=100]Shelly Moore has declared her candidacy against Sheila Harsdorf in the upcoming recall election for SD 10.  Ms. Moore has been  a school teacher in the Ellsworth School district, and teaches English and drama there. She has been active in the local teacher unions and the.  She is the , representing WEAC.

RoJoke Shrugs: Says There is NOTHING Gov Can Do To Spur Job Growth

Sorry folks, but Ron Johnson can't help create jobs... because he's the government and the government doesn't create jobs:

Waukesha Freeman Reporter, Troy Laack: Do you envision any kind of incentives for companies that might create large numbers of jobs, particularly here in Wisconsin?


Johnson: I do not look to the government-- at all-- to be able to propel job growth.  I mean all those are just temporary in nature... you are kind of robbing Peter to pay Paul... a more familiar term is, you know, picking winners and losers, I mean the government is not very efficient at allocating capital...

GOP catching flak for Ryan's Medicare plan

You'd never guess it from the Journal Sentinel's news coverage of the GOP's fair-haired boy, but Rep. Paul Ryan has touched off a firestorm with his budget plan to end Medicare as we know it.

Republicans holding meetings in their disticts are facing questions and hostility, and Ryan himself was booed during a recent appearance.  It's reminiscent of the volatile town meetings that Democrats were subjected to last summer over health care, except that those objecting to the Medicare plan are more polite and less organized.

This video from the Democratic National Committee rounds up some of the coverage:

From New Orleans to Japan, a gift of music

Tipitina's Foundation in New Orleans -- connected to one of the Big Easy's best music clubs -- raises money to provide instruments for musicians in need, especially those hit by tragedy. One of its beneficiary band programs is the Swing Dolphins of Kesennuma, Japan and the foundation recently received some very good news and videos from them! 

After losing so much, including their instruments and rehearsal space, these young, dedicated and passionate musicians are now able to play again thanks to Tipitina's Foundation and our generous supporters.  Along with Yoshio and Keiko Toyama of the Wonderful World Jazz Foundation, they recently held their first concert since the Tsunami and earthquakes for some people in need of a musical reprieve.  See the video below.

Rally for the Earth

On April 21 the Eau Claire County Democratic Party held an Earth Day rally. Despite the cool and windy weather, a crowd of about 100 people showed up. Many of attendees brought signs in protest of REKAWL Walker.

There were several people who addressed the crowd including: Former Representative Jeff Smith of the 93rd Assembly District, Duke Welter of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board; outdoor journalist Dave Carlson of the WQOW 18 show, Northland Adventures; Eau Claire County Board Chair Greg Moore; Tom Stolp, Field Director for the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters; and Former Representative Kristen Dexter of the 68th Assembly District.

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