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SD 10 election Tuesday

January 15, 2018 - 2:49pm
Patty Schactner

A special election will be held tomorrow, Jan 16 for the Senate District 10 seat left vacant by Sheila Harsdorf. Normally I have not endorsed candidates in the past, but this is a very important race both for the people of SD 10 and symbolically for the country. This race pits a Wisconsin progressive candidate against a die-hard new-style Wisconsin Republican and is being watched nation-wide as a bellweather of things to come in the mid-term elections later in the year. 

Patty Schachtner as a record of community service, having served as an EMT and Township Supervisor.  She is currently the St. Croix County Medical examiner, and serves on her town School Board.  She carries a stellar list of  from labor unions, environmental groups, and other politicians. Ms. Schachtner is the real deal and will fight to put the state of Wisconsin back under ciitzen control and to wrest the legislature away from outside interests (see  from Kathleen Vinehout on this topic). 

Adam Jarchow currently serves as a state legislator, He has a on environmental issues and is always one of the first in line to wrest local control from counties and towns throughout the state. In the most recent League of Conservation Voters Scorecard he came up with a sad 11% voting record. 

If you are at all interested in stopping the slide of the state's slide from environmental and civil rights sanity and toward central control of the entire state from Madison you need to care about this election. And if you live in District 10,  you need to vote. 

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