Evers Campaign: CNN Adds Wisconsin to List of Governor Seats Most Likely to Flip in November

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BREAKING: CNN Adds Wisconsin to List of Governor Seats Most Likely to Flip in November

 This morning,  added Wisconsin to its list of the governors seats most likely to flip parties this fall, acknowledging Scott Walker’s vulnerability this year. This latest ranking changes comes just one day after  changed the race’s rating from “Leans Republican” to “Toss Up.”  


“These national political analysts are right when they say Scott Walker is in trouble,” said Maggie Gau, Campaign Manager for Tony Evers for Wisconsin. “Wisconsin voters are tired of Walker putting his own political career ahead of the needs of our state. After eight long years, Wisconsinites are ready for a change, a change Tony Evers will deliver by focusing on Wisconsin values: improving Wisconsin’s schools, fixing our roads, and lowering the cost of health care for Wisconsin families."


See below for excerpts from these race rankings:


: “Gov. Scott Walker (R) is attempting to do something few governors do successfully: Win a third term. Actually, this will be his fourth statewide election in eight years, since he also won a recall in 2012. Democrats in Wisconsin think this is the year to take out Walker. Tuesday’s primary, where Democrats nominated state school superintendent Tony Evers to take him on, showed signs of a Democratic electorate finally turning out in off-year elections. That may be enough for Democrats to win in a swing state in a tough year for Republicans nationally. Walker knows this; he’s warned of a “blue wave” in his state after several special elections that were alarming for Republicans, but his allies think the battle-tested Walker is ready.”



: “Let’s start with Wisconsin, where Democrats selected state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers (D) as their nominee on Tuesday night. Evers was probably the most credible candidate in a very crowded field, and polling has shown battle-tested but polarizing Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) in a perilous position…We were , but it’s been clear for a while that Walker is in a tough spot.”


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August 17, 2018