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Breaking - Judge Niess refuses Walker Special Election Delay

March 27, 2018 - 4:24pm
Judge Richard Niess

just ruled that Governor Walker must stick to the original timeline set by last week's ruling on the two special elections in Wisconsin. This means that Walker must call a special election by noon Thursday, and the attempts to change the law by the state legislature are apparently moot.   The original judge in the case was not immediately available, so the hearing was held by Judge Niess.

It is not at  all clear what path is left for the Republicans at this point. It appears that their current plan is to call the special eleciton as required by the court order (and apparently to be held on June 12). Then they will attempt next week to pass the law, retroactively changing the law so that the special election will be canceled. The Republicans claim this will cause confusion as people sign nominating papers for an election that may or may not take place. Certainly the simplest solution would have been simply to have the elections as required by law in the first place. Or to hold the elections now.

As it is I expect we are doomed to endless litigation on this issue.

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Steve Hanson
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