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Evers Campaign: CNN Adds Wisconsin to List of Governor Seats Most Likely to Flip in November

August 17, 2018

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BREAKING: CNN Adds Wisconsin to List of Governor Seats Most Likely to Flip in November

 This morning, 


Voting Guide for the Wisconsin Primary

We are down to the wire. On Tuesday you will all get the opportunity to help to direct the future of the state and the nation. Read that again. People often pass up the opportunity to vote and to be politically engaged. But trust me, this is important. I always vote, and I hope you do too. If you've already voted - thank you.  If you have not, here are some resources you may find useful.

If you do not know if you are registered, go to https://...

The Fall of Wisconsin by Dan Kaufman

Dan Kaufman

This week I have been having the interesting experience of simultaneously reading two books about the conservative takeover of Wisconsin politics, and the way that Wisconsin became the model for the following ultra-conservative takeover of the country. We have, sadly, become the workshop for the promotion of bad ideas in government.

One of these,  Unethical by Ed Wall, is highly personal. The Fall of Wisconsin by Dan Kaufman is more a historical treatment of...

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Forum Aug. 8, 2018

This is the live stream of last night's Democratic Forum hosted by WORT, Isthmus, The Progressive Magazine, and the Madison Public Library.

The forum is emceed by Dylan Brogan of Isthmus, with questions posed by Isthmus Editor Judith Davidoff, The Progressive Managing Editor Bill Lueders, and WORT FM News Director Molly Stentz.

An Appeal for Progressive Unity

Robert Kraig

As the primary election nears, I find myself worried about progressive disunity, and the threat it could help deliver a third term to Scott Walker. I am uneasy about the dynamic of the primary election, but at a deeper level about a disturbing level of self-destructive rancor coming from a small number of progressives.

The wide open gubernatorial primary, where progressive activists are divided between 7 candidates, provides a unique challenge for unifying the progressive base....

WPT Gubernatorial Candidate Special

Still undecided about the Democratic Gubernatorial primary? This is the special that Here and Now recently produced with interviews with the candidates. Thanks to WPT for making this available.

Fix State-Local Mental Health Partnerships

Kathleen Vinehout

“Let me tell you a story,” the county supervisor said.

A man I’ll call Frank was picked up for drunk driving. Frank faced a felony charge. Frank was sent by our local judge to a county-based program funded with a grant. Over the years, the county supervisor helped the county get funding from the Treatment Alternatives and Diversion (TAD) program.

“The drug counsellor asked the man why he...

What A National Decline In Refugee Resettlement Looks Like For Wisconsin


Over the first sixth months of 2018, 221 refugees were resettled in Wisconsin. During the same period in 2017, that number was 443. In 2016, it was 778.

Wisconsin isn't the biggest destination for refugee resettlement by far, but the multi-year decline in the state accompanies a similarly dramatic nationwide trend — detailed in data from the U.S. State...

Dunn County Sheriff Forum

Dunn County Sheriff Forum

Approximately 200 people packed the County Sheriff Candidate Forum in Menomonie last night. Democratic candidates Rodney Dicus and Randy Knaack appeared along with Republican candidates Jacob T. Ohman, Adam Zukowski, and Kevin Bygd.

Randy Knaack is the current mayor of Menomonie, and has stated that if elected he will serve as sheriff full-time, mayor part-time, and will turn over his business Knaack's Advertising to family members.

Ohman is a graduate of Durand High Schoool and...

From Detention To Court, Wisconsin Immigration Lawyers Labor To Represent Their Clients

Aissa Olivarez

Imagine not being able to speak English, or not very much of it, and facing deportation proceedings in federal immigration court. An undocumented immigrant in this situation might not know what their rights are or what avenues of relief — such as seeking asylum — are available, much less how to mount a convincing legal defense. If they can't persuade an immigration judge to let them stay in the country, the government will deport them.

Immigration detainees' rights and resources are...

Federal and State Decisions affect Health Insurance Premiums for Wisconsinites

Recent news on the health front should give Wisconsinites pause when considering the direction our state is headed related to affordable health coverage.

Earlier this year, the Governor signed Special Session bills into law that limit access to needed healthcare. For example, one provision of the new law will essentially require cash strapped farmers to sell their cows or essential farm equipment to obtain BadgerCare. Another...

Voter Registration - Time is running out

Ballot Box

The upcoming primary election is very important for the future of Wisconsin. You will have a chance to vote in primaries for many state legislative offices, and to select the Democratic candidate for Governor. 

But to vote, you need to be registered. The deadline for registering by mail or registering on-line is July 25 - that's this Wednesday. If you are registering by mail, your application needs to be postmarked by the 25th and sent to your municipal clerk. You must include proof of...

Which Wisconsin Exports Are Canada's Tariffs Hitting The Hardest?

"Let's keep a good thing growing!" declares a 2017 fact sheet in which the Canadian government's agriculture agency touts the nation's trade relationship with Wisconsin. Indeed, Canada is the United States' largest trading partner, and the biggest destination by far for ...

Wisconsin 7th Congressional District Candidate Margaret Engebretson’s Statement on Threats to American Democracy

Thank you all for coming today.

In January 2017, our Intelligence Community released an unclassified report “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”. Since it was about our 2016 election, I read that report as soon as it was posted. It was immediately clear to me that our nation was facing a serious threat to our democratic republic. This was an active measures...

Honoring Our Aging Veterans

Kathleen Vinehout

“How are things at our veterans’ homes?” the Korean War vet asked me at a forum on veterans’ issues. The man was particularly concerned about what he heard about care at our Veterans Homes.

Veterans issues are personal for so many, including my family. Both my parents were veterans. My nephew serves now. My dad was a medic who flew rescue missions into Korea. Like so many, his experiences haunted him. He never talked about the...

Foxconn on the Chippewa

Foxconn Logo

Article corrected to reflect which facility will go in which building.

The big news in the Chippewa business world yesterday was that Foxconn is opening two facilities in Eau Claire. The immense electronics manufacturer is purchasing the former Wells-Fargo bank building at 204 Grand Avenue,  and space on the first floor of the Haymarket Landing development. The space in Yaymarket will be used primarily as an innovation center, developing new technology revolving around Foxconn...

Video of Tammy Baldwin/Bernie Sanders Rally in Eau Claire


Over 1000 people attended the Tammy Baldwin rally today in Eau Claire. The guest of honor at the Rally was Vermont Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. There were three guest speakers at the event. Senator Baldwin gave a hearty campaign speech touching on multiple issues, particularly touching on healthcare issues and the threat to civil liberties of the new Supreme Court nominee.

After some brief ribbing  between  Baldwin and Sanders on the relative merits of...

Wisconsin Governor Debate on TMJ4 and WisconsinEye

For those of you who missed the debate on TV or on-line, here is the debate in its entirety. Thank you to TM4 and WisEye for making this avaiailable to other news outlets. We will continue to bring you information on the candidates and the election as we approach the election.

Who Is Brett Kavanaugh? A Supreme Court Reading Guide

Re-published from an article at ProPublica

President Trump on Monday night nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the seat on the U.S. Supreme Court that Justice Anthony Kennedy will vacate at the end of the month. Kavanaugh is a judge on the powerful U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Below, we’ve gathered some of the best reporting on Kavanaugh.

Did we miss anything? Leave a link in the comments or tweet to us with #scotusnominee.

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Yesterday, August 17

  • Steve Hanson

    August 17, 2018

    Contact: [email protected]
    (608) 501-2762

    BREAKING: CNN Adds Wisconsin to List of Governor Seats Most Likely to Flip in November

     This morning, CNN’s The Fix added Wisconsin to its list of the governors seats most likely to flip parties this fall, acknowledging Scott Walker’s vulnerability this year. This latest ranking changes comes just one day after Sabato’s Crystal Ball changed the race’s rating from “Leans Republican” to “Toss Up.”  


    “These national political analysts are right when they say Scott Walker is in trouble,” said Maggie Gau, Campaign Manager for Tony Evers for Wisconsin. “Wisconsin voters are tired of Walker putting his own political career ahead of the needs of our state. After eight long years, Wisconsinites are ready for a change, a change Tony Evers will deliver by focusing on Wisconsin values: improving Wisconsin’s schools, fixing our roads, and lowering the cost of health care for Wisconsin families."


    See below for excerpts from these race rankings:


    CNN: “Gov. Scott Walker (R) is attempting to do something few governors do successfully: Win a third term. Actually, this will be his fourth statewide election in eight years, since he also won a recall in 2012. Democrats in Wisconsin think this is the year to take out Walker. Tuesday’s primary, where Democrats nominated state school superintendent Tony Evers to take him on, showed signs of a Democratic electorate finally turning out in off-year elections. That may be enough for Democrats to win in a swing state in a tough year for Republicans nationally. Walker knows this; he’s warned of a “blue wave” in his state after several special elections that were alarming for Republicans, but his allies think the battle-tested Walker is ready.”




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