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Penalizing People for Being Poor: Court Case Challenges Policy

Kathleen Vinehout

Do new strict requirements for Medicaid adopted by states violate the law? A federal court is set to decide after recent arguments presented by policy experts who said the requirements do violate law.

The case arose from Kentucky’s decision to create strict work requirements for getting healthcare through Medicaid. In January, the Trump administration invited states to submit “demonstration proposals” that make it much harder for...

Wisconsinites Call on State to Pass Fair Maps Legislation

For Immediate Release--June 18, 2018

Press Contacts:

Marla Stephens, Citizen Action of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Organizing Co-op, (414) 469-0116, [email protected]

Lindsay Dorff, Citizen Action of Wisconsin - Northeast Organizing Co-op, (920) 391-8638, ...

LWV - Supreme Court Ruling Shows Need for Redistricting Reform

Ruling allows plaintiffs opportunity for further legal action


The Supreme Court did not give us the ruling we had hoped against partisan gerrymandering. As we explained in our amicus brief, the Wisconsin maps deny many citizens the full power of the vote and should be redrawn. The current redistricting process protects the party in...

Supreme Court passes on Gill v. Whitford

Supreme Court

In a unanimous ruling this morning, the US Supreme Court sent the Gill v. Whitford case back to the lower courts. The court ruled that the plaintiffs did not have article III standing to claim damages on a state-wide basis. 

However, the court also ruled 7-2 to send the case back down to the lower courts "so that the plaintiffs may have an opportunity to prove concrete and particularized injuries using evidence — unlike the bulk of the evidence presented thus far — that would tend...

Packing, Cracking And The Art Of Gerrymandering Around Milwaukee

There was, once again, no decision on Gill v. Whitford today from the US Supreme Court. While we are waiting to see what the decision is, and what the ramifications are for upcoming Wisconsin elections, we thought you would like to read this from WisContext:


At a glance, Wisconsin's legislative district maps in place since 2011 do not reveal districts with the bizarre shapes and outlines that are classic markers of gerrymandering schemes. But a closer examination of...

The Way Wisconsin Funds Schools Must Change

The way Wisconsin pays for schools is unfair, inequitable and antiquated.

Over the past few months, I heard parents, community members, business leaders, teachers, students, and school officials speak about the flawed school funding formula. I serve on the Blue Ribbon Commission on School Funding Reform.

We took public testimony across the state. Recently, these criticisms were validated...

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law’s Statement: SCOTUS Decision on Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute

WASHINGTON, DC – Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (Lawyers’ Committee), issued the following statement Monday regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s ...

No decision today on Gill v. Whitford

In what is becoming a Monday ritual I spent a while this morning watching the ScotusBlog live feed on the Supreme Court decisions. Of particular interest to Wisconsin readers is the Gill v Whitford gerrymandering decision, which again did not come up. So we still wait on the edge of our seats to determine if the election maps in Wisconsin will be found...

Former DOT Secretary: Honest Discussion about Transportation Needed

State Senator Kathleen Vinehout

Farmers in western Wisconsin are worried new bridge weight limits will add time and cost to their already stressful lives.

“This is a very serious concern for us,” Farm Bureau spokesman Rob Richard told Chris Hubbuch of the La Crosse Tribune. “We want to make sure farmers can get to and from their fields. If they can’t make the quickest, most efficient route they’re just adding wear and tear to other roads.”...

Epic Systems Lawsuit Ruling Has Wide-Reaching Impact On Employee Rights

Epic Systems, the resident tech giant of Wisconsin's left-leaning Dane County, sits uneasily on its sprawling campus just outside of Madison. The electronic health records company is seen locally as an agent of change for both good and ill, boosting local ambitions to become a tech powerhouse, attracting young and well-educated workers to the area, and...

Legal Challenge filed to Foxconn water diversion

Great Lakes Map

On 5/25 Midwest Environmental Advocates filed a suit to challenge the recent DNR approval of diverting water from Lake Michigan to suppy the upcomfing Foxconn project.  The gist of the suit is that the DNR mis-interpreted the provision in the Great Lakes Compact allowing water diversions. The compoact requires that water diversions be made for public water supply purposes. Racine had argued that since the city primarily uses residential water that the diversion was appilcable. MEA (and a lot...

Hi-Crush spill slowly pouring into the Mississippi

Spill in Trempeauleau River

I happened to be in Perrot State Park yesterday, and as we were driving up to the park I immediately notieced the plume of yellow silty water flowing into the MIssissippi from the Trempealeau River. The yellow flow of water is slowly starting to disappear into the Mississipi as it becomes diluted, but there is still a fairly heavy flow of silt coming in.

The main photo with the article is water flowing through the Trempealeau River near the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge. The other photos...

Still little information from Hi-Crush incident yesterday

Field Spillage

The spill from the pond at Hi-Crush yesterday is currently moving down the Trempealeau River toward the MIssissippi and is reportedly still visible. 

I spoke with Andrew Savagian at the DNR office in Madison this afternoon about the spill. The processing water from the pond was apparently very thick, which explains the need to drain the pond at Hi-Crush (since the driver of the bulldozer could not be found underwater) and perhaps why the spill is not disappearing as it flows down the...

Unknown Environmental Damage from Hi-Crush incident today

Hi Crush Spill

An incident at the Hi-Crush Frac Sand Facility in Whitehall today was widely covered in state news. A bulldozer and its operator fell into a pond at the site, and needed to be rescued by rescue teams from multiple organizations and companies. The buldozer...

AFJ: Ruling in Epic Systems v. Lewis Strikes Major Blow to Workers’ Rights

Contact: Megan Simons, [email protected]
(202) 464-7361

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 21 - Following today’s Supreme Court decision in Epic Systems v. Lewis, holding that employers can enforce arbitration agreements that forbid workers from banding together in class action...

Farmers Union reponds to failed farm bill vote

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. — The House version of the 2018 Farm Bill failed on the House floor today by a vote of 198 to 213. Wisconsin Farmers Union (WFU) opposed the bill as it was presented and stressed the need for a more partisan approach in the next draft.

WFU President Darin Von Ruden issued the following statement in response to the vote:

“A lot is at stake in this farm bill – farmers across the country are facing depressed...


ballot box
Date of Release or Mention: 
Thursday, May 17, 2018

For Immediate Release  May 17, 2018    

Press Contact  Erin Grunze, Executive Director

608-256-0827, [email protected]...

LCV - Same Day Voter registration needs to be protected

Over the weekend, it was reported that at the Wisconsin Republican State Convention passed a

resolution   to abolish same day (Election Day) voter registration among other restrictive proposals

targeting students and other   eligible voters.  The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin opposes any such proposals that would eliminate same day voter registration. 

“Eliminating same day registration is reckless and costly.  It does nothing to protect the integrity of our


Wisconsin GOP declares further war on voters


During their 2018 convention, Wisconsin Republicans signaled their continued attempt to suppress voting in the state. A resolution was passed at the convention calling for an end to same day voter registration (requiring registration at least 10 days before the election) and requiring that students vote in their home jurisdiction rather than their "temporary" college  address.


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